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Engagement Ring on Wedding Day....

My wedding is the end of next month.  I'm debating on whether or not to wear both my engagement ring with my band on my wedding day or to just leave it and wear my band alone.  My Hubby to Be says to wear it because i'm technically engaged till we say I Do.  But as much as I love my engagement ring I was thinking about just wearing my band. 


What do most brides do???? 

Re: Engagement Ring on Wedding Day....

  • I've seen brides do both. I don't yet have a wedding band. My engagement ring became my wedding ring, and it was put on my finger during the ceremony. I've seen some women only wear the wedding band. Some women put the engagement ring on after the ceremony, but didn't wear the engagement ring down the aisle. One of my friends wore her engagement ring during the wedding and her husband put the wedding band on while she wore the engagement ring. 

    There's not really a right or wrong way to do it. Just think about what you want, and consider what might look pretty in pictures. 
  • My e-ring fit onto my right hand. So, I wore the e-ring on one hand and my ring finger was open on the other. After the ceremony, I just both rings together on my ring finger.


  • For me, there was no way I was walking down the aisle e-ring less. I quickly switched around the rings so the wedding band was closest in after we walked out of the church sanctuary.

    But like PP said, this is totally a personal decision. 
  • I wore mine as normal and just switched them around after the ceremony.
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  • I'm so glad someone posted about this because I was wondering the same thing. I think I've decided to wear my engagement ring on  my right hand and move it over after the ceremony. My engagement ring and wedding band were both custom-made by a friend of my FI so i want to be able to wear both of them during the wedding.

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  • I think tradition says to put e-ring on right hand, but people do it every possible way, so it's up to you. My e-ring doesn't fit on my right hand, so I had figured I'd just wear it on my left hand like normal.  Honestly, I never even thought about it on my wedding day until I was standing up front and we were exchanging rings, so I probably would have forgotten to move it anyway even if I had planned to.  Then, like others, I just switched them around after the ceremony. 

    But, really, that's one of those small details that nobody will really notice on your wedding day anyway... and probably wouldn't really make much difference to you either. A lot of things seem more critical before hand than they do on day of.  So, don't stress over it too much because there is no right or wrong answer on this one.


  • I put my e-ring on my right hand and then moved it back after the ceremony. 

    Oddly enough, I wear it on my right hand now anyway. 

    Do what works. None of your guests will care.

  • I had my rings soldered so I didn't have a ring to wear at all for about two weeks before the wedding. So no rings down the aisle and then all three rings after the ceremony (I had two wedding bands).
  • I pinned engagement ring inside bust of my dress.  After ceremony, reached in and grabbed it and wore both the rest of the evening.  I also contemplated putting it on the charm bracelet I always wear on my left wrist during the ceremony, but it didn't look that great.
  • I never gave my rings a thought.  I was wearing my engagement ring like normal at the ceremony and H slipped the band on top and I wore it like that.

    (And I actually keep them that way, because I haven't gotten around to spending the money to re-size my engagement ring and the band helps keep it from sliding around.)
  • Traditionally, the bride moves the engagement ring to the right hand before the processional begins.  After the ring ceremony, she moves it back so that the wedding ring is closetst to her wrist, and the engagement ring is closest to her fingertip.
    The idea is that she will never take off her wedding ring during her lifetime, but we all know that's just impractical and silly.  It is an old tradition, though.
  • I wore my e-ring on my left hand like any other day and then after the ceremony I quickly switched hte rings around.  Don't over think it.  There is no right or wrong way.

  • I've been debating what to do about this. With my luck, I'd go to switch my e-ring back to my left hand and drop it. .. right out of the balloon!
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  • Yet another wore mine like normal and switched them around after the ceremony here.  The only time i took my e-ring off that day was when the photographer took pictures of the rings.
  • I gave my engagement ring to my sister (MOH) who gave it back to me immediately after the ring ceremony!
  • I brought this up to my FI last night, and he felt pretty strongly that the engagement ring should stay on my left hand and we'll switch the rings around once we're back on the ground. I was surprised because he hasn't really had a string opinion about anything so far, so that's what we'll do.
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  • I completely and totally forgot about the ring situation until the time came for us to exchange rings.  I ended up having my engagement ring on and my husband put my wedding ring on top of it and then I switched them after the ceremony.  No big deal.
  • so I moved my E ring to my right hand right before the ceremony...during the ceremony my H tried to put my wedding band on my right hand because he was looking for my E ring. I had to keep whispering (other hand other hand!) haha it all worked out though. Whatever you end up doing should be fine :)
  • Moving it to the right hand is what a lot of people I know do, unless then get it soldered before the wedding. I'm debating doing this and then just wearing the temporary ring my FI gave me when he proposed (we designed my e-ring together after) until the wedding.
  • I love my e-ring and never even considered not wearing it. My sister (MOH) carried my wedding ring with her. The priest had us place our wedding rings in a dish and he blessed them. The e-ring went in the dish to be blessed. H put it back on my left hand after putting the wedding band on.
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