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I think a vacation could help her.

Dear Prudence,
I need help in managing overly concerned neighbors and friends. My beloved husband died about a month ago, and since then I have a fairly steady stream of people who are checking up on me. I really don’t want their company sometimes. I am cleaning out his things to distribute, and there are times I just want to sit and remember him and cry. But if I don’t answer the door inevitably there’s a phone call from someone who just wants to be sure I am OK. I do not have health problems. I work full time. I am not a suicide risk. If I get to a point where I can’t cope with a situation I know how to ask for help. I know that everyone has my best interests at heart, but I need a simple way to tell them to leave me alone for a while.


Re: I think a vacation could help her.

  • Yes. Nice long vacation with the phone turned off.

    One of my cousins did that. Her DH passed away, so once the immediate funeral and affairs were tied up and settled down enough, she hightailed it to HI with her two girls for a nice getaway.

    I'm going out there in thinking that was a really good/healing move for everyone involved.
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