Rehearsal Dinner Location Near Heinz Chapel

Hello Ladies,

Any recommendations for a rehearsal dinner near Heinz Chapel?  I'm researching and researching it's gotta be easier than this! :)

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Location Near Heinz Chapel

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    How many people and do you have a price range? 
  • For about 30 people and there is no price range. Looking for something close to Heinz Chapel.
  • I believe someone mentioned before that Joe Mama's has a banquet room.
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    It matters what you mean by "close." If you mean "walkable" then your options are a little limited as most of the dining in that part of Oakland isn't really designed for those types of events (Joe Mama's does have a banquet room though). If you really don't have a budget, your best call is the University Club. It's right near the chapel and they do rehearsal dinner events. 

    If you're willing to head closer to Shadyside, Casbah has a downstairs room. Paris 66 will rent out the back deck when it's warm (I hear, unconfirmed). 
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    I have been to banquets at Joe Mama's. They have rooms upstairs and downstairs...the upstairs rooms are much nicer and it's within walking distance of Heinz Chapel.
  • If you're only having 30 people and you are willing to drive a few minutes, there are a lot of good places in nearby Bloomfield and Lawrenceville. There is a wonderful Indian place called Tamarind (I think it's technically in Oakland, but not in the heart of Oakland). Bloomfield has Alexanders (Italian, price is very reasonable), or Sausalido (also Italian, but a big more high class).  Sausalido is a small place, but I'd be willing to bet they'd reserve the whole place for you if needed.  Lawrenceville has a great Thai eatery called Pusadee's Garden.  It is very good!  They have a beautiful outdoor garden, too, with many tables outside (could be nice for a spring or summer rehearsal dinner). 
  • I have been looking into this too lately, so it's nice to see the replies!  If you don't mind going over to South Side (right near the Birmingham Bridge), Ibiza is a Spanish tapas restaurant that allows for use of their upstairs room for private parties.  The menus start at $24/person, though I'm not sure how wine/booze factors in:

  • Not terribly close to Heinz Chapel, but we recently hosted our 35 person rehearsal dinner at E2 in Highland Park, and it was incredible. I called MANY other places in town, and E2 was the clear winner in terms of food quality (it's amazing, and I eat out constantly), the service/event coordination (very clear, straightforward), the cost ($30/head for buffet, $35/head for 3 course family style meal, $45/head for short menu with individual entree orders, and BYOB!), and the gorgeous private space. I cannot recommend this place enough, and Kate, the owner, and her staff were A+ to work with. 
  • Thank you all for your suggestions!
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