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Best time of year to travel; Jamaica or Punta Cana

What's the best time to travel for a destination wedding? I'm trying to avoid hurricane season.

Re: Best time of year to travel; Jamaica or Punta Cana

  • Hi there  - I've been researching for next year and find that the best prices/weather combination are in April and May right now. Jan-Mar is a bit pricier and you are dealing with spring break and the snow bird crowd.  And a lot of people don't have the money after Christmas.  June through August is quite hot and I find it hard to ask people to travel away from good weather in the summer.  September/October is hurricane season and then November/December is the Christmas issue again.

    Best of luck researching!!!
  • Hurricane season is formally defined as June 1-Nov 30.

    Based on personal travel experience to Jamaica, I'd avoid April and May which is their rainy season (and is separate and distinct from hurricane season)


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