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reviews 25/06/14 part 1

Sorry it has taken so long but here they are...

2810 Private Resort A++

We used this mansion as our venue and it was amazing! I really wanted an outdoor wedding and reception and this venue allowed us to do that and have total flexibility as far as vendors.   We seated 40 people for a sit down meal comfortably in the garden area and the pool was just fantastic!  Booking was easy although payment had to be with a US credit card which made it pretty awkward for us as we live in NZ.  They have a concierge who lives 2 mins away and he was great as far as fixing any issues we had.  Loved this place.

Masterpiece A++

It is hard to think of something new to say that hasn't been already said about these guys.  The food was fantastic and the service was great.  They were very patient with answering my many questions via email and almost always replied within 24 hours.  We had so many compliments on the food and there was lots of it, the only thing I regret is I didn't ask to keep the left overs!

Liquid Courage A

This company was great value, far better than any other company I contacted.  We had four hours of open bar, and paid for them to open for an extra hour on the night.  The bartender did quote a lot more than the contract stated for this and I had to dig around for a copy of the contract, a bit of a pain in the middle of our reception. I think he was the only down side, apparently he was a bit rude to some of our guests, he wasn't bad he just wasn't particularly happy.  We gave him a tip at the end and in hindsight we should have probable done that at the start and that might of made him a little happier.  The service before the event was fantastic, I dealt with Brennon and he always replied in less than 24hours.  All in all I would recommend them maybe just tip at the start of the night!


We ordered chairs, tables and linens, they were all fantastic quality.  We paid extra for a guaranteed delivery time, everything turned up on time and was collected the next day.  I really cannot think of a down side for this company. 

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