September 2014 Weddings

Major Changes

Wow! I'm facing some major changes!!!!! 1. I start my dream job on Aug 11th, teaching preschool!!!! I'm quitting my current job Aug 8th (gave 2 weeks notice Thursday) 2. I have to pack my stuff up and move it out of my parents' house and move it to my soon to be home. 3. I'm going to miss my dogs (All 5)... We aren't allowed to have pets at my soon to be home 4. My parents are getting guardianship of two of my distant cousins, they said they wanted 5 kids, those 2 will make it 5. 5. I have NO CLUE on how the heck I'm going to get everything finished before the wedding. I still have to pack my stuff, I have to finish the bouquets, I have to put together the pew decorations, we still have to send out the invitations, plus my mom is making my cake, I'm having 2 different showers one from my fiance's church and the other is my mom throwing me one. After I get married it is going to be just like I have started an entire new life from top to bottom!!!! New Life, New House, New Job, New Name. I have to admit.... I'm kinda scared.
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