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My first WR related dream

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Last night I dreamt it was my bachelorette party. None of my real life friends were in it. There were a couple of friends in it from my high school days who I'm not friends with now. We were all gathered at someone's house and trying to decide what we were going to do...I guess no one really planned anything. They all seemed disinterested and one girl was talking about someone else's future bachelorette party that they were going to Vegas for (and I wasn't going to that one but all of the other girls were). So I was upset they were talking about that instead of my party. Then we all went to some bar where some girl who was with us was wearing some fancy white dress who was trying to get all of the attention...everyone thought she was the bride to be. I was sort of trying to get my friends to dance and have a good time, they didn't seem excited at all. Ugh. What a bummer of a dream. ETA: sorry, just realized there is another thread like this. My bad!

Re: My first WR related dream

  • No worried on the additional thread!

    Sounds like a dream I had a couple of weeks ago, except mine was at my wedding. Nobody was paying attention and everyone was talking really loud during my and FI's vows.

    In my dream, my MOH started screaming at all of my guests to shut up and listen! Haha that is actually totally something my MOH would do...

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  • I've had 2 in the past 4 nights. Yikes! First one was my hair stylist/makeup artist never showed up and for some reason I thought that waiting instead of having someone else (bridesmaid, family member) do it. Well i looked a hot mess. There were other things that were wrong like the venue. It was just very weird and bizarre. 

    Last night I dreamt I gained close to 30lbs. I havent put my dress on since last September, which was about a size or so too big. While I havent gained much weight and I'm still around the same dress size I know I have been slacking in the gym. So I'm pretty sure its related to that.


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    I haven't had a WR dream or nightmare since probably March or April at the very latest. I honestly can't believe it. I guess right now I don't have a ton to stress over until we mail our invitations and start getting rsvps back so that probably explains the lack of dreams.

  • I was also having more frequent wedding dreams months ago than I am now, which is weird!! But now I am actually starting to loose sleep over things I'm stressed about. Lol. I think I'd rather have the dreams.
  • I had one two nights ago.  We are staying at a big house that we rented for us and all of our wedding party.  In my nightmare, when we arrived at this house on Friday, a crazy guy was there and he chased us through the woods with an axe. 

    Sort of wedding related, sort of just regular terrifying. 
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  • I finally had my first wedding dream! It was terrible!
    Basically I forgot a bunch of decorations and items for the reception and there was NO organization so all the guests were walking around confused. Then a few days later my husband told me he was in love with another woman and we got an annulment... YIKES!

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  • OMG!  @bekt14 - that has to be the worst one by far!  The part about the annulment/other woman is horrible!!!! 
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