Boudoir photography - any recommendations?

I was wondering if anyone has done boudoir photos and if they could recommend a photographer to me - also, what is a good price for these? I guess my budget is about $300 or less, preferably less. Thanks in advance!

Re: Boudoir photography - any recommendations?

  • Check out Sarah Esther Photography.  She did my Boudoir photos (and my wedding for that matter) and she is fabulous.  She focuses more on boudoir now.  Here is her website:
  • I know a couple of photographers and if you need makeup done for that shoot I'm really affordable. You can email me [email protected]
  • I am a photographer and I LOVE doing boudoir!  I also do special sessions of you in your wedding night lingerie, which is really special for your future husband!  Click the link to my website in my siggy!
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  • If you want a photographer with a fabulous portfolio and who is professional, and experienced with boudoir photos you can expect to spend between $500 and $1000. 
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