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Wedding Hair and Beauty

On-site Makeup and Hair Costs

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if those of you who have or are about to book On-site hair/makeup for your big day.  Wondering what prices you have been quoted? 
What are they asking for travel fees? 
I realize it will be area dependent, but I'm looking to get a general idea of what people are paying. 
Please also stipulate what the cost includes (i.e. lashes etc) and what the cost is for the bride vs maids/moms.

Thanks :) 

Re: On-site Makeup and Hair Costs

  • This totally depends on the stylist (I think the quotes I got ranged from $125 to $300 for bridal) and your region. The best way to get ideas is just to start emailing salons. It will vary massively even by salon. I shopped around until I found a salon that did good work but still had prices I was willing to pay.

    But, for us, the salon ate my $50 deposit as a travel fee and had a $15 surcharge on every service for on site work.
  • Thanks PDKH.  
    I am looking online only as I'm not in the area to make calls (I'm international = expensive phone bill).  Most places don't have prices listed - they want you to contact them and then they go into it once they have you on the initial hook lol. 

    Just looking to see what others are experiencing.  

    Thanks :) 
  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    In New Orleans I paid $50 for hair, $50 for makeup, and $50 travel fee to my hotel, so $150 total.  That's about the cheapest I've seen anywhere.

    Hair, makeup, and travel cost does vary greatly by location. You could easily pay 2-3 times that in certain areas of the country, especially in larger cities like Washington DC, Los Angeles, or New York. So, you really need to check for the area where you plan to have your wedding.

    If you don't want to call everyone, most places will have some way to contact them via e-mail or through their website. It may be easier to just send out a simple e-mail to everyone asking if they are available on that day and what their standard prices are.


  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    Also, for mine, hair & makeup cost was same for bridesmaid or bride.  My BM's just did hair, no makeup. Children under 6 (flower girl) were $25 for hair. Here is the main price list for the place I used (their rates have increased since I used them). They also have some additional services & prices listed on their website: http://www.flawless-bride.com/services.html

    Hair Design (Updo/Blow Out) $65.00
    Hair Design w/ Clip in Extensions Applied $85.00
    Airbrush or Traditional Makeup $70.00
    Paramedical Aibrush Cover $70
    Flower Girl (up to age 6) $25.00
    Arch Eyebrowns $10.00
    Formals Lashes $15.00


  • Most salons should have an email somewhere nowadays. I think I only actually called one and emailed the rest (maybe 4 or 5?) Just explain you're overseas and need to do business via email.

    For airbrush, lashes, and extensions I paid $230 not including tip. 

    My bridesmaids were $115 for regular makeup (including lashes) and hair.
  • In London, My friend has paid £30 for hair, £30 for makeup. She has been hired a professional hair and makeup artist in London on here wedding day who provided a better service to her and make her so beautiful on the special day. Different artists offer different prices according to the makeup, so it's better to contact them and have a meeting with them to discuss the all things.
  • I am having my normal hairstylist do the wedding day hair. She said that if we wanted her to travel to us she would charge around $500 because of having to travel, take the day off of work from the salon and so forth, however, if we came into the salon it would be cheaper. An updo would be around $40-50 and keeping it down would be around $20-30.

    The makeup people where I am from were expensive, so I know someone who does Mary Kay and that is what I am going to use.
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  • My MUA had to travel a bit, so the cost for 4 people (3 with lashes) and her driving was $450.
  • I'm from Toronto, Canada and my hair and makeup costs are: $330 for bride including airbrush and lashes $170 per bridesmaid including lashes (discount of $20 per person given since I have 5 bridesmaids) $150 per mom including lashes $200 for 90 mins return service $85 for additional hair assistant No travel fee since my home and venue are within the same metropolitan area My hair and makeup artists are both pretty well known in the area and provides services to celebrities, tv shows and large magazines so the prices are pretty much on the high end in the city.
  • Sorry I had paragraphs but the knot ate them
  • I'm in central Massachusetts and I'm paying $525 including tip for my updo, two bridesmaids updos, one flower girl hair and one moms hair. I have two stylists coming to my house for two hours.
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  • San Francisco -  $350 for my hair and make-up, and that is on the low end in this area. 
  • I'm in Montréal, Canada and paying the following (not on site, but in the salon of the hotel at which I'll be getting ready): $400 for bride hair and makeup (including trials and lashes), $100 for makeup and either a simple updo or blow-dry/curl for each of three mothers and four bridesmaids. Since our wedding is in January, I was able to negotiate the fee for the mothers and bridesmaids. It normally would have cost them $160. 
  • I live in the Baltimore area.

    For the day-of, for regular makeup I have been quoted $35-40 for bridesmaids/moms. Some places charged the same for bride, some were quoting me around $60. For airbrush (what I want for myself) I have been quoted anywhere from $80-150 per person (I did not find different prices for bride/bridal party). I've been quoted $10/application for eyelashes.

    For hair, I've been getting quotes for $50-60 for bridal party, $35-40 for blow dry & style for the moms. Again, some places quoted me the same price for bridal up-do, while others charged $80+

    I think its bogus when places want to charge more for the bride than the rest of the bridal party but it is what it is I guess! Hope this helps :)

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