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Venue Regret

So there was one venue that I had always thought would be where I got married, and when I went to look at it I really loved it! But it was just over my budget, unfortunately. I considered a Friday instead (always cheaper) which was within my budget, but they didn't have any dates that we wanted (we are getting married late fall/early winter 2015 and his main concern was that he did not under any circumstances want it too close to a holiday.)

We found another venue that he fell in love with, and I really liked myself (wasn't as head over heals as he was, but it was within our budget and it had some major perks, like a free suite at the adjoining hotel for us.) After looking at a few others just in case, we realized we were both leaning towards the venue he loved.

Today we made an appointment to do the downpayment, and I brought my mom because I really wanted to show her around afterwards. The guy was really rude! He ignored all of my moms questions and concerns, wouldn't look at her, and when I tried to rephrase them (I agreed with her points), he kept cutting me off and dismissing me. 

Regardless, we proceeded since we had previously made up our mind and had the check in hand already filled out. When I got home I started overthinking it, looking at reviews of the venue (many negative), looking at pictures of the venue as compared to the one I really wanted, and I just feel really bad and wish we didn't make the decision (we payed the deposit plus the first payment, $3,000 in total non refundable which we cannot afford to eat, so we are stuck anyway.) 

I'm trying to remind myself that all that matters at the end of the day is I will be married. But the amount of money we are spending versus how much regret I feel right now is really hard reconcile. It's a nice place, I know everyone will enjoy themselves (lots of booze to help them forget if anything goes wrong, lol), but I feel like crying when I should be so happy that I set a wedding date today with the love of my life!

I'm not really looking for advice, I guess, since we made our own decision and now there's nothing we can do but own it, but I just feel really bummed.

Re: Venue Regret

  • Might I ask where? Had you encountered this man before and was he pleasant then? Maybe he was having an off day. Hoping it was just that and you fully enjoy your day! If he continues to be a jerk, tell him how his behavior is off putting and you hope he can change it so everyone fully enjoys YOUR day. Good luck sister!
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