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How was the weekend? 

Saturday I took 6let to a bday party then we went out to dinner for my birthday.  363 more days of my 30's.  Sunday FIl and sMIL came over to take us to lunch then 1 and 2 went with them to a movie.  DH and I went to the madhouse of Costco on a Sunday.  Holy cow it was worse than Walmart on Christmas Eve.

DH just left town for the next 2 days. boooo.  Today is wet and I don't want to do anything.  Tomorrow is the zoo with MIL and sFIL.  This could be interesting.  sFIL says he walks 3 miles a day, but yet 30 mins playing with the kids means a nap before going home. 

6let has allergy testing Wed. I have a feeling he's going to cry.  I didn't even think about what the appointment was going to be and now I can't find a sitter for the other 2. I'm not looking forward to it. 

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    We had a relaxing few days off--to make u for having the crazy few days off the week before.
    (well, except that plans changed because the Mr. sprained his ankle for no good reason)

    Allergy testing isn't really ever fun--and the more things one is allergic to, the crappier/more painful the thing is.  (Sorry, that's not helpful, is it?)

    I realized today that for my aug/sept vacaton, I'm likely to be the least in shape person there.  And there's talk of taking a bike beer/wine tour of SanFransico.
    I suppose I have motivation to not be the person who is exhausted by 30 minutes of play--because right now I am.
  • Friday night I went dress shopping with my sister.  It was fun.  She's pretty sure she found her dress but it was the first time she'd been out looking so she wants to look around some more.

    Saturday we had a family reunion and my parents took our kids home with them.  DH and I got home and were pretty tired but we didn't want to waste our kid-free time so we went to a family party of one of our friends.  We ended up having a blast and staying out too late.  We were so glad we went.

    Yesterday DH worked while I went to my nephew's birthday party.  My kids decided to spend another night with my parents since my mom is coming here today anyway.

    Today my mom is bringing the kids home, Son is going to pack another bag, and then they're headed to Wisconsin Dells with the older niece (11) and nephew (13) and my aunt and two cousins.  My mom and aunt take the older 3 grandkids to the Dells every year.  It's nice for the kids to get away from their younger siblings for a couple days.
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    @GBCK- by "play" I mean stand in front of a goal.  Not bike. (which remind me my bike is ready for pickup.  Also, those egg muffins you posted were a HIT.  SIL has really been going to town on them.  So THANK YOU!! 

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    I think I can handle standing in front of a goal :)
    (although I swore mightily at the Mr. last time we did a family bike ride.  I'm apparently a whimp)

    And yay egg muffins--that's written on the 'to do' board but I haven't made more yet--which is fortunate because it meant Buffy and I shared a package of cookies n' cream pop tarts on the drive to preschool.(or unfortunate, depending on your POV.  She told her teacher about it as we walked in--it was at least a kid win)
  • Saturday was just running errands. Yesterday, one of our friends came into town from Mississippi and we went out to brunch with her, om nom nom pancakes.

    We were finally able to arrange for all the parents to get together with us this coming Sunday to announce bean parasite, so that'll be fun.

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    Weekend was a whirlwind.  Saturday---a race.  I couldn't remember for a second.  That was my awakening realizing that if I truly want to run a marathon, I'd better get my butt out the door and with purpose and intention.  I have a love-hate relationship with moments like that.

    Saturday night it was nice to see H, after spending time with friends around a fire and getting alive by mosquitos.

    Sunday was get together for gMIL at the retirement/care facility.  That was a long 2.5 hours spent with family and extended family.  H was sad when it was over because I think all the siblings are realizing how bad gma is, and that even though she really enjoyed herself, it was probably the last time they'd see her so happy.  The rest of Sunday flew by, and I was in bed by 8:30.  :)  I was happy about that.
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    6, enjoy the last year of your 30's. It goes fast, but the 40 's are great.


    I've lost 13 lbs, and feel really good. I think I've finally made the connection to quote Oprah. I can now zip my bridesmaid dress.

    Y'all know I'm late on some shows but why do people go on Naked and Afraid. I watched it all day yesterday and I'm confused.

    I now understand why babies get stolen out of shopping carts. OMG, there was the cutest baby in line yesterday. I think the fever is making a comeback. It's like my body is telling me, "Girl, if you want to do this, you better get on it."
  • Weekend was good. 

    I worked Saturday and then we had SIL and my nieces over.  We went to the pool, grilled some hot dogs and burgers, and watched the Lego Movie while it stormed.  

    Sunday, crazy day.  We went back to *the house*.  The biggest concern in that house is water.  DH used the restroom in the master bath and we found there was a leak.   We informed the owner and he's going to fix it.  The house is on well and septic, so we definitely need to get that checked out. FIL said the water pressure was low.  FIL said a lot of things, but he's still poo-pooing that we're moving to the opposite side of town from them.  We definitely plan on having basically three inspections, house, plumbing, and  chimney.  The roof, gutters, siding, and HVAC are all brand spanking new.  So as long as the water stuff is OK, I think we'll be good to go. 

    We went to lunch and then drove around the area just bumming around, finding stores and schools.  We haven't had the time to do it.  We went to Lowe's and looked at appliances, riding mowers, kitchen cabinets and countertops.  It all makes my head spin.  

    We had dinner with my parents and hammered out the purchase agreement.  I hope there's not too much back and forth.  I also found out my cousin (who's 19 or 20, I think) got his GF knocked up in a misguided attempt to make my aunt and uncle 'help' her since she's got a terrible home life and he wanted them to let her move in.  My mom is worried about my sister finding out because she's had issues getting pregnant (and they're pretty much abandoning that and looking into adoption) and doesn't think that this will be well-recived by her (she won't freak out or be a bitch, more just that she'll be sad and withdrawn). 

    The purchase agreeement is signed, sealed, and being delievered.  Here goes nothing.  ;)
  • My float trip was amazing.  I think b/c it was so different from normal life, it really did feel like a vacation.  Our camping buddies ended up being an awesome match (despite all of our admitted fears) and we're planning another one for just a day in September to see the fall foliage.

    I think I'm still a bit sleep deprived and dehydrated, so I'm struggling a bit today.
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