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Ceremony Hymns?

We had our first pre-marriage counseling session yesterday! The pastor gave us a suggested order for the ceremony events. Now we need to pick songs and readings - where to start!?! Has anyone decided on ceremony songs/hymns? Are you doing traditional hymns?

Re: Ceremony Hymns?

  • Hey dear! We selected our Unity Candle/Thanking the Mothers song as "Set Me as A Seal."  The lyrics are traditional, but our variation gives us a bit "modern" spin on the traditional hymn.  Other than that, we're going traditional the whole way, with mostly classical songs.  Our ceremony is inter-faith, so the pastor decided to recite the hymns as prayers.

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    I'm not sure if we're going to do any hymns. The vast majority of the people attending our wedding are non-religious and I know from the people who attended my grandma's funeral (same pastor) that the lengthy Christian ceremonies are torture. Fiance and I aren't huge on long ceremonies so we picked 3 scriptures and are calling that good.

    This post is actually a good reminder that I need to email the pastor and see about setting up a time to reschedule our counseling that I was sick for on Sunday.
  • A few hymns we are using that sound wonderful on piano are 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing' and 'It is Well'.  These are pretty conservative songs, but they sound quite lovely for precessionals and what not.
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    We bought a bunch of iTunes songs that were classical guitar versions of our favorite songs, then we found THAT artist on Craigslist and realized that he lives and performs in our city! So, we ended up hiring him to perform live instead of using his recordings from iTunes. The only problem is that he said he doesn't normally attend Rehearsals.... I have no idea how he or anyone will understand what to do if he doesn't come to the rehearsal? How does that usually work? 
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