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Destination wedding for 2nd time around

Hello all - I am Jen and this is both our 2nd marriages. We have 3 kids between us (I have a 9 yr old daughter and he has a 13yr old daughter and 15 year old son). We BOTH want to get married on a beach but we are having trouble deciding where and all. Thought of the Florida Keys, then thought of a cruise and get married on the beach at one of the ports. Anyone ever get married on the beach or off of a cruise ship?? Some places seem pricey but others seem decent. Of course being a 2nd marriage I am assuming we are paying for it all. We literally just bought and moved into our first house together this past week so we have to be cautious with our budget for a wedding. So that's another reason why we are going to wait at least a year to get married, possibly Fall 2015. Any ideas, thoughts, etc. would be welcome! Thanks

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  • I had a DW for my second go around (DH's second as well.) we chose to elope and not invite any guests, but I'm assuming you want to include at least your kids?

    I'd start out by figuring out your finances. Determine what you have to work with, and if your family offers money, then it's icing on the cake. Of course, do not ask for the assistance or accept the assistance if you do not plan on inviting them.

    I'd then consider looking into what type of wedding you want. Cruising can be good, but not all of your VIP guests may like to be on a boat. The Keys are also nice, but you may find that it is tough on budget because the resort offerings may be tight. I would also consider an all inclusive resort in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican. Resorts can be fun for kids, costs can be kept low because most food and drink will already be included, and some resorts offer free wedding packages if the couple stay a certain length of time or book a certain room category.

    It's great to talk to a travel agent to see what fits within budget for you and your guests. They can get package deals and inclusions you might not think to get on your own and give you ideas that are the best match for your needs. But, as mentioned above, you need to first figure out dates, budget, and approximate number of guests before attempting to get accurate pricing.


  • Also, there is a DW forum on here that may help you with ideas!


  • Thank you Jells2dot0!  LOTS of very helpful information.  I know that we have discussed we'll offer any of our family and friends the opportunity to attend the wedding no matter where we have it BUT we will definitely have our 3 kids there and our parents.  We don't have a huge budget so we want to make it small and simple yet allow others to join us at their expense, other than the ceremony and/or dinner. 
  • You might want to consider US territories where you don't need a passport...if the kids don't have them already that's going to be an extra cost that will add up quick.

    My friend got married the second time on a port day of the cruise.The only people who could attend were here immediate family. If your VIPS are cool with it, then I think it can be a good option. GL!
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