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Reception venues near Plymouth Congregational Church

Please help!!
I'm in love with this church! But everything around it seems expensive. We have 50 guest MAX 75 and I need a reception place that's not too expensive our budget is 10,000.
I had the idea of a restaurant but my fiancé prefers to have a "party" (cocktail hour, dinner, dancing).
Thank you!!!!

Re: Reception venues near Plymouth Congregational Church

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    Sonesta Coconut Grove is really nice and close to Plymough Congregational. HTH!

  • I would suggest the Killian Palms Country Club which is fairly close to the church and they will fit into that budget.  Plus the Ciudamar Room is gorgeous!

    They have a price per person plus it includes everything that you need for the Reception!  They have great reviews on Wedding Wire. 

    Their website is www.grandsalonhalls.com and their email is [email protected]
  • hello Tefy;

    I saw your post and had to ask, We want to we in this same location but having a hard time getting a response about pricing for the ceremony. Do you know how much this is?

  • Hi Kenia,

    I was just in to see Jerry yesterday at Plymouth. YOu don't need an appointment you can just stop in. I know she's not there on Friday's & she takes lunch at approx 1pm.  
    The church is $2300. Its basically yours for 3 hours even though the actual ceremony only lasts 20-30 min depending on your own personal preferences. The extra hours are for photos. The grounds are absolutely stunning & worth every penny! Good luck & HTH.
  • Thank you so much Knottie =)
  • There's Coral Gables Women's Club - and the Coconut Grove Women's Club which is basically just the hall space and you need to bring in your own rentals. We are doing our rehearsal dinner at Casa Juancho restaurant, a spanish restaurant in Little Havana and they have a space in the back that fits 100 ppl and they've done weddings before. Only catch is you have to like their food options.
  • Hi Tefy! I feel your pain, I am going through the same thing. My fiancé has been obsessed with this church for years but all of the venue areas around the church are expensive :x Try La Jolla Ballroom in Gables, my guest count is $100 they told me it was around $90 a person but I have yet to go check it out!
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