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Centerpiece idea - tell me if it's too cheesy?

We're getting married in a rustic location. The reception will be held in a barn! I love mason jars and want to do something with them as centerpieces, and I fell in love with this idea I saw on Pinterest where they fill the jars with vegetable oil and then put a black and white photo inside.

At first I thought maybe we'd do some of our engagement photos in the jars, but then I thought that seems awfully self-centered of us, haha! So then I got the idea to use photos from our parents' and grandparents' weddings instead. I thought it would be a neat way to honor all of them.

What do you ladies think? I'm hoping it's not too sappy/sentimental.

Re: Centerpiece idea - tell me if it's too cheesy?

  • Do you have one of those images to share so we can see? I don't think its too sappy to include parents and grandparents photos. I also see nothing wrong with your own photos. It's YOUR wedding!
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  • Here is what I saw on Pinterest. I would dress them up a bit with some lace and maybe twine around the tops. I think it's such a fun idea!

  • I think it sounds sweet...I'd do one way before-hand though just to make sure they hold up and won't get icky looking.
  • Yeah I'll do a trial run. Everything I've read says that the pictures stay nice in the oil for up to two years!! The longer they sit, the more "vintage" and old-timey the pictures look. I'll probably just prep the jars with the oil and outside decorations a week ahead of time, cut the pictures to fit, and then  pop the photos in the night before the wedding.
  • THats awesome, my plan is to also use mason jars! My mother-in-law to be has an amazing collection of the old, large blue Ball mason jars and i was to use those in some way, thinking with a few cut flowers and some smaller jars with tea lights in them.
  • I love that idea and it's a great way to bring in your loved ones.  :-)

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