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Reviews 25.06.14 Part 3

Joey Allen Photography A+++

Joey was great, started shooting straight away and had such an eye for amazing photos, a lot of the time I couldn't figure out why he was taking the photo he was but when I saw them they were just fantastic!  We paid for 8 hours and he stayed longer free of charge, we ended up with over 1500 photos and he did exactly as I asked, we really wanted a lot of candid shots and not too many posed ones and that's exactly what he did.  He captured some really special moments when I didn't even realise he was there.  We are not the most comfortable couple in front of the camera but he gave lots of direction which definitely helped.  We had a 2 hour strip tour, we managed the sign and the Bellagio, time just seemed to disappear by the time we had driven every where. I think if we had asked for more locations we would have been very rushed.

Bliss Entertainment Event Group A++

I cannot say enough how amazing these guys were, they met us free of charge the day before to discuss lighting options, gave us just a fantastic deal to work with our budget, and really went the extra mile to make our venue look amazing!!! Ryan was always professional and emailed back straight away no matter what time of day or night it was, were in NZ and the time difference was pretty hard but he always seemed to be available.  I really think their lighting took a nice venue to an amazing one.

Amelia C and Co: A

The girls were great, they had 6 people to do for hair and makeup and they turned up early and went right to work.  I had a trial on the day of my hen do and it was great to have confidence on the day.  Only reason they are an A not an A+ is that my hair fell out quite a lot on the day of the wedding, it wasn't a massive problem as we just pinned it back in place and I really do have hard to control hair.  Make up was great and everyone looked amazing!

Presidential Limos A

I had 2 limos booked for the day of the wedding, one shuttle to transport the guests and one 12 seater limo for our strip tour.  Both turned up on time and the drivers were great as far as I know.  It was crazy hot on our wedding day and the aircon in the limo definitely struggled with the heat,  the free water and sparkling wine were a great touch though and we still had a good time.  They have a policy that the person who booked the limo needs to be there to sign for the credit card before the limo will go, no problem with the strip tour but for the shuttle it wasn't a very practical policy as I couldn't be there to sign for the guests.   I think at one point the guest thought they would be stuck at the strip!  All got sorted and they arrived, this was partly to do with the scheme girls I think as I didn't even know this was happening until after the day.

Vogrins Palace A+

We had personalised poker chips through this web site, they were good quality and everyone loved them.  Processing time and postage was very quick.

That it, all our vendors were fantastic and it really is true when they say its the best day of your life. 

Re: Reviews 25.06.14 Part 3

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    I emailed Joey Allen this morning about booking him for 4 hours and he responded immediately!  He sounds very reasonable, especially considering you get all your photos on a disk.  
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