Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Sad thats it's over!

I just got married on Friday and I'm already missing the hustle and bustle of all the planning.  The day couldn't have been more perfect... 82 degrees for the end of July in NJ is just unheard of!  I did lose an earring and they forgot to put the favors out until the last minute, but overall it was the greatest day, ever! I danced so much my feet are STILL hurting!  :)

Re: Sad thats it's over!

  •  Congrats!! 

     I absolutely *loved* wedding planning, & I thought I'd have this huge void when it was over. We went on our HM right away, and 4 months later, bought our first home. It wasn't until about a month or two after that, that I started to miss the craziness of wedding planning, talking, tasks, etc. The weekend of our wedding flew by! (We were married August 10 of last year). We had the rehearsal & set-up Friday, the wedding Saturday, day-after party Sunday, & then left on a 6AM flight Monday morning. (Which we had to be at the airport at 4AM for). I definitely didn't have any time to miss it then! If anything, I was just incredibly happy all of that hard work had paid off, and it had truly been the best day of my entire life. That fall we started looking at houses, (still on that wedding "high"), and I think we just had so much going on, that it replaced the wedding planning. It wasn't until late winter, (maybe February-ish), that I started to feel that void. My best advice, is to find some hobbies! Start going to the gym, or take up a class, find books to read, make plans with friends, or plans for a weekend getaway. Finding things to do, or making plans for something to look forward to, has definitely made a big difference! I found that with wedding planning, it became a habit to live in the future, vs present, and it was like I couldn't enjoy, or live in the moment the same, because my time was being taken up by this big event I needed to plan. Not that I completely "lost" myself by any means, but it was like I had to get back to figuring out what I liked everyday, and what I enjoyed, that kept me busy. I had basically thrown my regular interests on the back-burner, and replaced them with wedding stuff. Once I kinda had that figured out, I was fine, and that feeling of a big fat void, finally went away. Once in a while, if I'm missing all of the wedding stuff, I whip out that wedding video, & make it an evening! It's sooo awesome to re-live it anytime I'm missing it all! :)

     Congratulations again!!-& enjoy every second as newlyweds! We're almost to our 1 year anniversary, and it totally flies by! :)


  • Awesome advice!! thank you!! and congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!!! :)
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