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Second Wedding...dresses.

Even if this was a first wedding for either of us, I don't think I'd do the big white dress thing.  Actually, right now I am looking at bridesmaids dresses...possibly in a champagne color.  What are you planning to wear?

Re: Second Wedding...dresses.

  • I am on a search for a chiffon, floor length, sweetheart neckline, lace up back dress in a champagne color.  I haven't found exactly what I want yet.
  • I'm thinking something along these lines. The first one in champagne or the second one in ivory only but cut shorter.
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  • I've seen the second one and it's gorgeous, Denise.  I definitely want something long.  We're having an outside wedding in September.
  • I have a pic in my siggy of my dress. It was ivory silk and very simple in nature!


  • I have a pic in my siggy of my dress. It was ivory silk and very simple in nature!
    Where did you get your dress?
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  • It was modeled after a J Crew dress (Avery) but I had it custom made with better material and at half the cost!


  • I bought a simple white wedding dress. My fiance was with me when i picked it out and he loved it. The lady at the store understood i wanted understated .its gorgeous and still very much a wedding dress. I am choosing not to wear a veil, garter,long train  etc. I pick it up tomorrow and i can't wait to see it again. :-)
  • My first wedding dress was an ivory and custom made, not as pretty as I wanted it. In fact, I HATED it. I am going with another custom made gown by someone else, and it will be in white. I want chiffon on the bottom and a Lycra or something on top. We are working on ot starting in Feb. my dress is the second most stressful thing for me outside of finances....
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  • My first wedding dress super unconventional and the opposite of what anyone would picture of a wedding dress. This time around I'm taking a more traditional approach, as FI has a particular picture in his mind as to what he wants our wedding to look like (it's a second wedding for us both).
  • I am with you rox2112.

    It is a second marriage for both of us.  He thought I would wear a simple, ivory, short dress.  I told him I look good in  I have purchased a white, wedding, slim A-line, lace and beaded, strapless gown with a wide gold beaded belt and a removable, tulle lace bolero coverup.  It is his second wedding, and my first and only wedding.

  • Second wedding for both of us, I just picked a platinum dress in satin with a little bling on the waist.  Small train will be bustled the whole time or may even cut it off.   I had a small ceremony first time around (just family and dinner)  Fiance wants me to have the wedding I missed out on!!

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  • Dress and wedding plans sound great ddoane.
  • This is my dress... Not traditional at all.  But then again I'm not really the traditional kind.  It's a fabulous dress that I got on sale and my FI loves it because it represents my style a little offbeat :-)  




  • For my first wedding, I wore a bridesmaids dress and literally just pulled something off the rack, tried it on and purchased it. I never tried on bridal gowns, until now for my 2nd wedding. I never really did the typical bridal stuff the first time around, as we were only engaged for a month before we got married. 

    That said, I'm wearing a short ivory wedding dress with an illusion neckline.
  • Classicalandedgy,

    Your dress is beautiful.

  • I wore champagne and ivory for my first wedding. It was a simple dress; nothing overly ornate about it.

    Here is my dress for this wedding:
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