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hair change after wedding?

I have been growing my hair for the past year. I'm now at the point where I would love to cut it. I need to keep the length until the end of Oct.

Anyone else chopping or changing their hair after the wedding?

My hair is even longer in the back. I'm chopping it to the second

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Re: hair change after wedding?

  • That is EXACTLY my plan. I'm doing an up-do but want the length for (hopefully) added volume. My hair is very fine unfortunately. But once we return from the honeymoon I'm cutting it. I think it looks healthier when it's shorter anyway.

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  • FSIL had long hair down to her butt that she wore in beautiful curls on her wedding day. She promptly cut it to shoulder length the day after the wedding. I would do this, but my hair is already just below my shoulders, and I would not rock a bob. I am thinking about bangs after the wedding, though.

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  • @SaraBrideSoon I just grew out my bangs for the wedding. I absolutely LOVED them except they were such a pain in the butt to style everyday. Even if I skipped washing my hair for a day, I still had to wet/blow-dry/straighten my bangs. So they are very high maintenance but I think they look really cute on almost everyone!

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  • @beachyone15, Thank you for this reminder! I used to have bangs that I loved, but I think I forgot how high maintenance they are! Maybe I will reconsider...
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  • I have the same predicament. Do I want to look cute, or have an easy hairstyle that allows me to be lazy?! Lol

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  • I know I need to cut it and I also know I'll wish it was longer after I cut it :) that's just how I roll lol

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  • Mostly I've been thinking about dying it after we're married. I've warned FI that I might be going red, he just laughed at me.

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    I got a trim yesterday (okay, a hell of a trim...) and my hairstylist was laughing because I'm the only bride that goes to that salon that is not attempting to grow their hair out. I will continue rocking my short hair throughout my wedding. Giving thought to coloring it after the wedding though.
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    I kept my hair longish (upper to mid back) before I was engaged and I'll continue to do so after the wedding. I've never cared for how I look with shoulder length or shorter hair. I have been maintaining my highlights though, which is something I normally don't do because it's so expensive. I'm not sure how consistent I will be with highlights after the wedding.

  • I've mentioned cutting my hair back to a bob to my FH but he told me he likes it longer. I do miss is shorter but love the different things I can do with it longer. Right now its just below my shioulder blades. I've been growing it out since we got engaged. Almost 3 years ago!


  • As soon as I return from my honeymoon, I AM CHOPPING IT ALL OFF.  I am so excited. 
  • I've thought about going shorter after, but FI likes longer hair and I also know I'll regret it. I have very curly hair so it's hard to go shorter without looking like a mushroom head. I wish I had straight hair, then I would be more daring to do something short.
  • I have really long and very straight hair - have had it like this for years. 
    What I really want is curly or wavy long hair, so I might try something like that after the wedding.
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