Suggestions for live band?

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Hi all, I'm getting married in April at the Branford House in Groton CT and am looking for suggestions for a good live band. We basically want a solid cover band that can play your typical 20 something's music (classic rock, top 40, a little country etc). I've found some very good bands online but we are trying not to spend much over 3k. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • i just saw the Shaded Soul Band at our town summer concert  & the people next to us said the band played their wedding.  Sadly I have no idea how much they cost but worth asking, because they seemed to know everything.  
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    My soon to be brother & sister-in-law had Sugar at their wedding last spring. My FMIL hired them, and neither the bride nor groom ever heard them until their wedding day!! It was a gamble that totally paid off because the band was AMAZING. I remember at one point, being on the dance floor and looking around and there was not one person sitting down.

    ETA: their wedding was in Mystic, so it's in the same area!


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  • we used 747 Orchestra and they were our favorite vendor. Their music, the way they packed the dance floor all night was beyond what we expected.The music was key, as we are both musicians and they were worth EVERY PENNY
  • We hired Shaded Soul Band for our wedding next month. We've heard them play live a few times, and are super excited.
  • I was a Branford House bride too!!  :)

    I LOVE Sugar.  They're such a fun band!!
  • The band we're having is super fun, and can play everything, Soul Revival.  They were more reasonably priced than some of the other bands we've heard, and just have been super accommodating with my many questions.  We saw them last fall at a friends' wedding and were just blown away and felt like we were at a concert, so much energy, and their singers rocked.  Check them out,
  • We're having Le' Mixx, a 7 piece a motown funk band out of Hamden, CT at our Mystic, CT wedding. They're reasonably priced, and incredibly fun! They'll even learn songs for you if you provide the sheet music.
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