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Woke up a married woman today!! Shameless AW

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Everything went so well! I even had a surprise shower on Saturday held by Mil and my mom. Had a few very minor hiccups but the food was remarkable, cake was to die for, music had the guests on the dance floor till the bitter end, and guests were very happy. Multiple people told us it was so well organised and one of the best weddings they've ever been to.

Plus H's best friend/best man and my best friend/moh are planning on pursuing a relationship with one another after this week. It was amazing! Now off to the honeymoon! We got one "sneak peek" photo from our photographer and the rest are randoms our friends took. I can't wait to see the professional ones!!

Oh! And our kids bags were a major hit with both kids and parents!

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Re: Woke up a married woman today!! Shameless AW

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