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10 weeks out - what else should I be doing?!

Our wedding is 10 weeks today! Exciting!

The main things are done:

Ceremony (Wynn) - booked and paid for, wordings chosen; Flowers/décor (Wynn) - booked and paid for; Reception (Maggianos) - booked, awaiting final guest count before we pay. Menu is chosen; HMU (Harmony) - booked; Extra photography at Wynn - booked; Favours - personalized chips being shipped, Wynn players cards to buy when we are there; Guest book - bought a Vegas poster for people to sign; Dress/Shoes - purchased; Bridesmaids dresses - purchased; Suits - purchased

This is what I'm thinking needs doing:

  • Choose readings and who does them
  • Order of Service/Wedding Program
  • Playlist for dancing at Maggianos; buy iPod to put music on
  • Menus for the tables
  • Table plan/place names/table names
  • Decide on any table/room decoration at Maggianos - I think we will keep this quite minimal
  • Guest transportation to Wynn from MGM (where the majority of guests are staying)
  • After party bar/club
  • Bridal party/parents presents

Is there anything else big that I am missing?!

Re: 10 weeks out - what else should I be doing?!

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    Are you doing a cake?  Or are you using the desserts from Maggiano's?  You can definitely do your own menus for the tables but Maggiano's does create a personalized stand-up menu with your names on it for each table.  If you're OK with that, that's one less thing you need to worry about. :)
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    I just remembered I needed at garter, not sure if you are doing a garter toss?
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    Ooh didn't know Maggianos did menus for us - we will probably go with them. And yes, we are having the dessert table instead of a cake. I just think the cake will go to waste after all the food. MissHolly - not doing a garter toss. We're from the UK and it's not really done here, think our guests would be confused!!
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    have you booked hotel rooms?
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    Do you have your wedding rings purchased yet?  And don't forget to get your marriage license when you get to Vegas!  You can pre-apply online.
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    Yep, our hotel rooms are booked! Everyone else is booking their own, it was just easier with coming from the UK as flight/hotel packages are generally cheaper.

    We actually went and had a chat about our wedding rings yesterday with the jeweler who did my engagement ring, so just waiting on a quote for that.

    Is the online license application from 60 days ahead? Then we can do that in just over a week :-)

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