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Bridal Shower!

My mom called me last night asking for a guest list for my bridal shower in September. I had no idea who all gets invited, so we went through the wedding guest list, and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of women being invited to the shower. I think it's probably a good idea I haven't really looked at the wedding guest list too much or I'd have backed out on inviting like 90% of the family/friends, because...holy crap. That's a lot of people when you really don't like people.

Re: Bridal Shower!

  • Only invite the women closest to you. You definitely don't have to invite EVERY woman who is invited to the wedding. I invited my grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends that I am closest to.

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  • I invited all the women who are invited to the wedding. But our wedding guest list isn't that big. In total were have about 85 guests give or take. So for the shower I think it was a total of 38 women.


  • With just my aunts, cousins, and a couple of close friends that I am inviting to my shower, I have 60 people.  I know it's a lot, but I have a big family.


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    We're having about 36 women for the shower I think. And the wedding guest list is close to 175 by the time you add in husbands, boyfriends, kids, just men, and out of state women.
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    I invited my bookclub (all invited to the wedding), my two BFF's moms (and my friends), some of my close coworkers, and close female family friends. It adds up to about 20-24 people I think. I'm not having any extended family because they all live out of town.

  • I have about 20 on my guest list. I only want the people whose life I'm a big part of to take part in this. You're basically asking them to buy you stuff, so make sure it's someone you've done that for in the past (possibly).

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  • Sounds like you have a family my size!  Family alone, we have about 60.  Once you add in my close friends, church members, and my mom's best friends, we are looking at about 80 and 40 are coming. :) Not too bad.

    I'm tempted to stalk our registry website because the suspense is killing me. lol  I'm one of those people that buys a gift for someone and forces them to open it two weeks before Christmas.  I have a problem lol

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    @des9724 I'm the same way! I can't shop for anything early because I want people to have their present RIGHTNOW.
    I won't look at our registries again. I didn't enjoy making them (except the one at a local kitchen store, but that was only because I got to touch all sorts of fun stuff) because I hate being like "buy me this and this and this", but we were hounded so bad by my mom about it that we gave in and put them together. While I love giving gifts, receiving them makes me feel awkward. I'd rather we eat cake, have punch, and play charades.
  • My mother and FMIL are hosting so I invited those that I am close to and the people that they are close to who are also invited. They are throwing it and I thought it would be rude to exclude their close friends that they are inviting to the wedding.
  • I sent a list over the the people doing my shower a few weeks ago and then the other day I got a date confirmation ..squee... gifts..i mean i know i am not owed them..but i still like them!!! :) 
  • Not everyone invited to the wedding has to come to the shower. Although my FMIL disagrees with me on this subject and is mad that I didn't invite everyone SHE wants to be there but I said tough sh*t. My party, my guests. Do what makes you happy. Just remember if they are invited to the shower they should also be invited to the wedding, not the other way around. :)
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  • I invited most of the women that are invited to the wedding.  This was about 50 women total which is a ton I thought.  We had my shower this weekend and since I didn't see who RSVP'd I had no idea who would be there or how many.  It turns out only about 15 showed up.  I was a bit disappointed that some of my closest friends didn't come, but many of them live far away and can't make a long trip for a two hour shower.  If you have people coming from far away, I wouldn't expect them to come in for a bridal shower so you may not have too many after all.
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