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need feedback on post wedding reception

Hi everyone,  I would like feedback on my reception plans  It is an afternoon reception  we were married 2 months ago. We are having 40 people in a small private reception room with a bar.
I am planning on having cocktails/ appetizers for the first hour. open bar,
Mingle with the guests during this time and the guests will have to choose 1 of 3 plated lunches.
Lunch for an hour
then cake and champagne.

I do not think we will have a seating chart but there will be a small head table.
We are not having a dance due to the time of day. It is a very casual reception
After the cake and champagne, is there a way of telling guests that the reception is over. I thought after cake and toasts, just simply thanking everyone from coming.
We are not going to have a grand send off of ourselves to tell guests it is over.

any thoughts


Re: need feedback on post wedding reception

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