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Lefty trying to hand address invitations!

I am picking up my invitations today from our paper goods lady.  She print-addressed some of the more important envelopes with a nice calligraphy to the older generation that will attend the wedding.  For the rest of our invitations (mostly to the younger crowd who won't care as much about the formality), I was going to hand address them to save some money.  Unfortunately, I am left-handed and everything I write usually ends up smeared.  Does anyone have any tips on how to address wedding invitations for a lefty?  I've heard of people printing the addresses directly to the invite, but I don't know how or where to do this.  I am also more than willing to hand address them if I can find a clever way of not smudging everything as I write!  Any suggestions?

Re: Lefty trying to hand address invitations!

  • Is there a less smudgy pen or marker that you could use? It might also depend on the paper that your envelope is made of... possibly try a tissue or something under your hand, so any wet ink would get soaked up instead of smudged. (I apologize if these ideas don't work, I'm not a lefty so I can't empathize very well)
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    If you don't care and you don't think the younger crowd will then why not just print the addresses on clear labels? Several people I know who've gotten married over the last few years have all one that route.

    Your printer usually has settings to run an envelope through and MS Word will allow you to set up your invitation size so you can type the address to print directly onto the envelope. It's pretty simple but you may want to run a few test envelopes before starting on the real thing.

  • The curse that us lefties must go through! I was too chicken to hand write my invitations for this very reason. Instead, I printed transparent labels!
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    I'm not a lefty and I still manage to smudge everything all the time. I used sharpie pens for my STDs and a different type of marker pen for the invitations and didn't have any smudging issues
  • Well I got lucky.  The lady who did our invitations went ahead and printed most of the addresses since the spreadsheet I gave her already had them on there.  She said 'Well we were on a roll so we just kept going!'  I was so happy and she did it for free!  Now the only ones I have to put names on are the ones that will be hand-delivered to our close friends.  I tested out a Sharpie on the envelope and it didn't smudge!  Warning though: we have pale pink envelopes and navy blue invitations with the printed side toward the opening of the envelope.  We didn't have to worry about the ink seeping through and staining the invitation but I know a lot of people don't use navy cardstock as their invitations.  Anyway, to any leftys out there, Sharpie works!  But beware of it running through!
  • I'm a lefty and I used the brand Le Pen. It didn't smudge at all. I did the names first, let it dry, then added addresses. Hope this helps :)
  • I'm a Lefty, I love Le Pens!  They don't smudge and they don't bleed!
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