September 2015 Weddings

Ooh ladies...I need color help.

Okay, so neutral dresses just aren't working out for us.  I am loving a very light purple color as our colors are lavender, blue and turquoise.  

Do you think I can pull of my necklace (the first piece of jewelry Adam got me)...

My engagement ring...


And blue diamond earrings 

with a dress...possibly this dress...


in this color...


Re: Ooh ladies...I need color help.

  • Tough to tell from pictures. I'm weird about matching - my fiancé gets annoyed because I'll change a zillion times because one color or another is just the slightest bit off ... but I think if you like the way they look together, then go for it. A necklace is a small enough amount of color that even if it doesn't match I don't think it will detract from the look. I wouldn't suggest a blue sweater with that dress or blue shoes ... but the necklace should be fine

  • I'm weird about things coordinating too.  That is why I am asking.  One one hand, I could do purple earrings...but then they don't match with my necklace and my ring and my necklace is hugely important to me.
  • Okay...a friend was telling me that had multicolored dresses online that you can change both the colors.  I was playing around and now I am much more comfortable with the lavender and blue.
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