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I'm thinking about starting doing 21 day fix. I'm terrible with portion control. I don't not want to do this alone. I'm thinking we could do a Fb group if enough people are interested

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  • Twenty-one day fixes don't fix anything. They are crash diets. If you have a problem with portion control, that problem is still going to exist after eating nothing but sugar-water for 21 days.  The best way to work on portion control is to figure out the correct portions of food, and then stick to eating only that much. Start counting calories using something life and measure your portions using a food scale.
  • Yeah it involves shakeology let me know when you check with your doctor.
  • I did the 21 Day Fix but didn't follow the meal portion of the plan. The workouts are great especially if you are on a time limit each day. Each workout is only 30 minutes. In terms of food, I just ate clean and logged everything into If you want more info on the program, message me since I have it.

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  • I'm not a fan of these diets either. How about getting on MyFitnessPal and tracking your meals? I've found now that I am fully aware of what I'm consuming, I've been making better choices. Also, there's groupon for emeals which forward you portion control meal plans every week. (They have other plans like low carb or low fat too.) I have yet to start using mine but I love how they have the recipes included with a weekly shopping list. Everything is on two pages at most. Leftovers are used to prepare other meals later in the week. 
  • I know people who have had great results with 21 day fix. I look at it as a way to learn how to portion control. After you've followed the program for 21 days, you should be more skilled at practicing portion control without the containers.
  • Also, if you have a good beachbody coach, he or she will have a Facebook group with active members that you can be added to for that extra support. I know that we do.
  • I am using 21 Day Fix right now!! 

    I am on Day 11, and it is NOT a fad crash diet or anything else these people are saying.  I will share with you my honest experience so far.

    It is really just simple science:  Based on your weight, you should be consuming a certain number of calories a day to maintain that weight.  On 21DF, you use a simple mathematic calculation to find your "target" caloric range, which is slightly less than your average (so you are eating at a slight caloric deficit).  You use little containers to measure out food, and work out for 30 mins a day, 7 days a week for 21 days. 

    The first 3, 4 days are the hardest because your body is adjusting to a style of eating very clean, and very strict portions.  The first few days, I was unsure if I could do it because I thought it wouldn't be enough food.  However, now that I am Day 11, there are many days where it's almost TOO MUCH food and I am not using all of my containers.  Also as an FYI, you don't fill every container once and that's it for the day.  Based on your target, you fill certain containers NUMEROUS times a day.  It's just a measuring guide. 

    I spent a weekend just familiarizing myself with the program, reading through the materials, making food shopping lists, and meal preps.  I will have to say, this plan is VERY time consuming because of the meal preparations.  You will be eating a TON of veggies and protein, and are also encouraged to have carbs, healthy fats and oils, etc.  It is an adjustment eating without all of the salt, sauces, and marinades that I usually cook with.  Also, I thought I would crave desserts, cheese, and wine, but since I have basically eliminated processed sugars my body feels very healthy and I have had NO cravings for these things.  While you ARE allowed all of that on the 21DF (in moderation), I did not want to "tempt" myself by adding them into my plan.

    Health and fitness and nutrition is about abundance, not starvation.  I don't believe in diets and counting calories, and I would not have purchased the system if I thought it was a fad or crash diet.  I do not use the Shakeology.

    As for the workouts,they are WONDERFUL.  Each day is a different workout:  Cardio, arms, legs, pilates, yoga, etc.  They are challenging but have built-in modifications, which I have had to use on some.  The benefit is that they are extremely varied.  Even the moves within the 30 minutes usually only last 30-60 seconds each, so it keeps your mind interested and your body able to handle these short bursts of activity followed by 20 second rests.  Really a great system.

    Bottom Line:  The workouts are great, but this plan will only really work if you are can take the time and dedication in the kitchen to do all of the meal prep the night before for the next day.  If you don't follow the meal plan, you won't see results.  We will see how I look at the end of this, but I already feel great and feel like I have slimmed up and toned up.  I plan on doing a few more cycles of this until I reach my goal.  

  • I am on the fence on buying the 21 day beach diet. I struggle with food, and suck at portion control! I think the containers would work wonders for me but am skeptical about the workouts. I was a college athlete so anything I do I always compare to the workouts I used to do in college. I'm 1000 percent not at the place I was in college, but I do not want to spend money on something that will challenge me for a week. You mention there are modifications with the workouts? Can you also give me an example on what exercises are done during the workouts? Thanks so much!!!
  • The 21 day fix is great! I did it and so did my FI! FI lost 29 pounds, and I only lost 6 but I lost inches and toned a lot! Its easy, just follow the diet(which really isnt bad) and do the workouts! Besides the junk that I ate before, there wasnt really a difference in the diet itself. Just portioned! FI and I are planning to do it right before the wedding!
  • Hello again.  The workouts are really great.  The thing that makes this program different is the variety in the workouts.  So, day 1 is cardio, day 2 is arms, day 3 is legs, then you have 2 more cardio workouts, a pilates day, and a yoga day. 

    The workouts are only 30 minutes, including a warmup and a cool down session.  Within each session, they are broken up to be, say, 4 rounds, 2 exercises per round, 2 reps.  Each exercise is only for 60 second bursts, and there is a brief rest in between.  It's different every time.

    I think the thing that is important about these workouts is that it keeps your mind and your body active, interested, and engaged in the workouts.  You don't get bored, and your body doesn't get used to the same moves every day and also get bored. 

    Also, you are doing a combination of strength training, cardio, pilates and yoga, so you are buidling different kinds of lean muscles, as well as toning and strengthening.

    I have a few more days to go...I did "cheat" 2 days, once when I really had a craving, the other time was my birthday.

  • Hi, I've been taking garcinia cambogia and doing body wraps.  I've lost 17 pounds in 9 months.  I'm really interested in what others have been doing. 

    Follow me on Twitter and let me know
  • One more question fdjlka, do you incorporate free weights or resistance training into the arm and leg workouts, or is there anyway way i could?
  • yes, you need to have 2 sets of weights or resistance bands.  I just used 1 set of 5lbs because I can't find my resistance bands and I managed fine.

    So I am all done with my first cycle and I feel great!  I feel like I have completely toned up, lost a lot of jiggly parts in my arms and under my chin, and flattened my tummy.  However!  I don't know how much weight I lost.  I tried stepping on 2 different scales at my friend's houses, and 1 said i had lost no weight, and another said 26 lbs.  I think BOTH scales must be wrong, lol.  Either way, it's not about a number, it's about feeling healthier and looking more toned and healthy. 


  • Good for you!!! That's awesome!!!!  Are you going to do another cycle now?
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    21 day fix is an awesome program. I just finished the program and lost 10 lbs and toned my whole body. The work outs are easy to fit in because they are only 30 mins 
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