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IHO all the moving

How often did you move growing up?

My parents moved a lot when they were first married.  They kept having kids and getting kicked out of apartments for it.  I'm not sure when they bought their first house, but we moved to BFE when I was 2.  This was legit BFE.  There was a flashing light at Main St. and not much else but farms.   When I was 9 we moved to town. When I was 25ish my mom came home and announced to my dad "pack your workshop I bought a new house."  She wanted something bigger.

Re: IHO all the moving

  • Just once before I left for college.

    When I was four, my brother was born (the 3rd baby of 4) and we had a teeny house.  We moved just a few months before he was born and that's the house my parents still live in.
  • Every few years, and I hated it.  Hated changing schools, having to make new friends, feeling like the odd one out, all of it.  My mom is still a chronic mover (her house is for sale right now), but at least it doesn't directly affect me anymore.

    The whole reason we moved now and bought the house we did is that we wanted to be settled before the Wooz started KG, and we're planning to stay until the kids are grown.  Who knows what life will throw our way, but that's the plan.  DH moved a lot, too (including between jr and sr year of high school, which was teh suck) and we agreed that we want our kids to stay in the same schools with the same group of friends if at all possible.

    Of course, DD kind of has a thing for the 7 y.o. next door, so DH may start lobbying to move again.  ;)  I was supervising her bath last night and she said "I wonder what *Zach* is doing right now?"  UGH.
  • I probably moved every 6 months to a year b/c of irresponsible parents.  When I moved in with my grandparents, we were at the farm from 13-17, then moved into their new house "in town" and lived there until I was 26.
  • When I was born, my parents lived in an apartment.  We moved to a rental house when I was about 4 years old and then they bought a house when I was in first grade.  My mom lived in that house for nearly 40 years and then moved into an apartment.
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    We moved once when I was 16---from normal sized house into a bigginormous house. 

    My parents just downsized into normal house again after being in that house for 17 years. 
  • I moved every few years growing up, sometimes a little more often if we were renting out in town and were waiting for On base housing.  It totally sucked that I moved so much growing up , but there wasn't really a choice because of my dad's job.  Moving across country or to a different continent is just stressful.  I lived in something close to ten different houses before I turned 18.  What sucked the most was when my dad retired when I turned 16.  I was so used to living in towns that had other military members that when he moved us to his home town I was shocked.  I went from a HS with 700 kids in Japan to a HS with 1400 in AZ, between my sophomore and a junior years. I was the ONLY new junior in that school.  It sucked so bad, and I had a super hard time making friends because it was so cliquish, because no one wants the new kid to but into a friendship that they've possibly had since Kindergarten


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  • When I was 2, we moved 3 blocks north to a bigger house.  When I was 5, we moved about 10 blocks north to a bigger house.  After my parents divorce, that house was too much for my mom, so when I was 12, we moved another 10 or so blocks north to a smaller house.  I lived there until I went to college, then my mom got remarried, moved in with new husband, rented the house to my brother, then my brother bought his own house, and I rented it from age 25 to 31.
    DH and I have moved once since DD was born.  We rent and don't have much interest in owning, but we've been in our current place for 5 years.  We'll probably move again in the next 2 years, and hope to have another long term lease.
  • never. my parents bought their house right before they got married and they still live there. 

    I lived in the dorms at school from 17-20, and moved back home for the last year and a half when my apartment fell through at the last minute. I moved out at 22 and moved to Philly to live with DK. We were renting an apartment, but it wasn't convenient to his office, so we moved to a townhouse after our lease was up. He promptly moved to a new job on the opposite side of town, so when we bought our house after ~1 year in the townhouse, we moved to the area where he grew up. We lived in that house for about 2.5years before my job took us to TX, but we've been in the same house since we moved here in 2010. 

    We initially talked about a 7 or so year plan to live in this house and then upgrade to something bigger/newer - but with just the 3 of us, our current house is more than large enough, and we're in on of the best school districts in the area, so that's not a concern. We've also made a lot of improvements to our house, so I don't see us moving any time soon. 
  • I've moved a few times in my life.  Growing up, we moved around a lot when I was little.  My parents bought their first house when I was in kindergarten and we stayed until I was in 5th grade.  I went to 6th-9th grade at the new place and then we move between my 9th and 10th grade years to where I live now.  

    I moved out to my own apartment at 20 and then into my current house when I was 22.  I did move out and back home between 19 and 22, but it was only a few months at a time. 
  • My dad was in the military. So a lot.
  • I've only had four major moves in my life - when I was 1, when I was 5, when I was 17, and when I was 29. Other than that, it's been from home to dorms, from home to an apartment, from an apartment to a house - all in AZ. We have zero plans to move from CO. Life could screw us, it's true, but about the only place we'd even consider moving would be Alaska - where there's mountains *and* ocean. I do miss the ocean.
  • My parents bought the house I grew up in when I was 6 months old, so technically once, but I don't remember it, so it doesn't really count. I moved out for school when I was 20 and never went back.

    We hope to not move after we get done with this one until kids are grown and we decide the big forever house is too big. But that may never happen, we shall see.
  • I never moved once in my life until I went to college and lived in a dorm!  My childhood home has always been the same place, and even now that I live w/ FI in an apartment, my parents and younger brother still live in that same house.

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    my parents moved just after I graduated HS, between HS and college.
  • I've moved at least 10 times in my life, that I can remember. I know there have been more. Once FI and I get married, another move...and if he reenlists or gets selected for OCS, more moves....good thing I'm not terribly attached to material possessions!

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