Wedding Woes

I spent time with my family and lived

So my cousin's wedding was this past weekend in North Dakota/Minnesota. It was nice, especially getting to see some of my cool family members. 

My dad's mom was there and she was surprisingly well behaved for her. My dad's family can be a bunch of drama llamas and they had their moments (like my dad's mom calling my trans cousin "he" when she is clearly a "she" thankfully not to her face). Growing up, we spent little time with my dad's family. We didn't live close and there were always issues with someone not talking to someone. That seems to have faded away and my cousins are pretty cool. 

DD went with me and that was...well fun isn't the right word. Girl is a diva. Wouldn't sleep in the Pack N Play, had or sleep with me in the bed. She is horrible to sleep with. But she was beyond adorable in her dress for the wedding. I attached a picture- I hope you can see it.

The wedding was nice, the reception was nice, and overall I'm really glad I went. 

Re: I spent time with my family and lived

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