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Father Daughter Dance for the Strained Relationship

So, I have never had a close relationship with my biological father ever. However, I still want to have a father-daughter dance with him, but I have no idea what song to chose and I know if I asked him he'd be even more stumped than I am.

A little background information I am 22 and my biological father is 67; I was born out of wedlock and never lived with my biological father; my parents did not even have joint custody. My mother was the sole and primary child care provider. We only see each other 2-3 times a year; we do however send cards and letters to each other a couple times a month, and do not really relate to each other or have a bond at all.

So, I really need help finding a pretty generic father-daughter song, and it cannot be My Wish by Rascal Flatts, as my fiance's biological mother has picked that song for their dance.

Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Father Daughter Dance for the Strained Relationship

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