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General Chat...What's going on in your world?

Hi ladies.  Please excuse me for starting so many threads but I am a teacher and home for the summer, so I have been spending a lot of time on here when my sons are with their dad or otherwise occupied.  I thought we could use a thread for just random thoughts and conversation.  Here it is.  :-)

So, what's going on in your world?

Re: General Chat...What's going on in your world?

  • This morning, Adam and I are going to check out the place where we are almost positive we're getting married.  Then I was supposed to go for sushi and thrift store shopping with a friend, but she had to cancel.  I'm not sure what the plans are now.  Tomorrow, we're going to Mayhem...a music festival...Avenged Sevenfold, Korn and some other bands.  
  • Aww.  My ring is in town and the mailman won't come until we are at a concert.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let him come to our house early.
  • Oh, and then the has HORRIBLE the dress I really wanted is probably not going to happen.  Kind of annoyed today.
  • My fiance is awesome!  So, we were supposed to leave for a concert 39 minutes ago.  It's an all day music festival but the bands we really want to see aren't on until later tonight.  My engagement ring is out for delivery and needs a signature.  He KNOWS I will have a really hard time enjoying the concert if I miss my ring, knowing I could be wearing it...and have to wait until Monday to have it.  So...we're waiting until it gets here.  :-)
  • So, my ring is here and I love it.  The concert was awesome!  Sometime this week I need to take the boys school shopping...*I* need to get some things for school too.  I haven't even attempted to start planning for the year and I think I am in denial that summer is over.
  • So, my youngest son and I were at the thrift store. They had a dress in one of the styles I am looking at for our wedding (not in the colors I wanted)...but I tried it on. Sadly, losing weight before the wedding is the only way I am not going to feel huge Especially in that dress. Don't mind my hair and lack of make up. I don't do a thing to go thrift store shopping. imageimage
  • jenbaer16 said:
    Eh, thanks...but not so much.  I feel massive in it.
  • It's so nice to look at someone and feel an overwhelming love for them.  I stayed in an unhappy marriage way too long.  That is all.  :-)
  • My parents are driving 14 hours roundtrip this weekend to come and visit us for 1 day! I'm super grateful to have parents that are willing to make that drive even if just for 24 hours with us. Before we moved for work I had never lived farther than 1.5 hours from my parents. So its been a really big transition for me after 27 years of having them always kinda around to seeing them 3 times a year.

    Also, moving into a new place September 1 and had a minor panic attack on the weekend about packing, moving etc in a town where we don't know anyone to bribe with pizza and beer to help us.
  • edited August 2014
    Brrr.  It feels like Fall.
  • This weather is making me a bit nervous for an outside wedding in the Fall.
  • This weather is making me a bit nervous for an outside wedding in the Fall.

    its been 35C here all week (95F). So stinking hot. Im waiting anxiously for that cool fall! Why we chose september!
  • So today was the first school day of the year for my students.  I guess it helps to say I work in a school for kids who have severe behavioral and/or academic issues.  I teach high school Autistic support.  I had one student most of the year last year...ONE.  Now I have 4.  All of them with very unique needs.  It was a good day for my students.  There were a lot of changes for all of them which doesn't always sit well for kids with Autism.  They were troopers.  I had 3 minor crisis episodes with a student I absolutely adore.  I was able to calm him without calling for crisis team.  My big issue is going to be a classroom staff person who throws a fit when she doesn't get her own way.  EVERYTHING got changed this year.  Not one staff in that building isn't dealing with a major change.  She is mad at me because I told her that our jobs are challenging enough and I am not going to deal with the negativity in my classroom.  It was a good day in the grand scheme of things, but I am TIRED.
  • We just went to a vow renewal tonight.  Weird situation actually, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all.  My fiance, Adam and a guy named Matt were really good friends in high school. Bev, Matt's mom was like his second mom.  I dated Adam in high school and broke up with him for Matt.  Bev and I always were close since then.  So...Bev, and her husband Joe renewed their vows tonight for their 30th wedding anniversary.  We went.  Matt and his wife went.  Matt, Adam and I haven't seen each other since high school.  I didn't know if it would be weird to have my high school love...prom date...all of that and my fiance (who got dumped for said man) in the same place. They even had a bunch of photo albums there...including Matt and I at prom.  We were all great...his wife was amazingly cool with Adam and Matt talking about everything that transpired with us.  Hugs hello and goodbye for all.  Matt and his wife are talking about moving back to the area next year and it would be so nice.  It felt so natural to hang out again (for all of us).  It was nice to relive a time when things were simple.
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