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I went to an old friend's wedding last weekend, which was lovely. As usual, I waited till the day before the wedding to peruse the registry. They had used, a site that allows you to gather items from different retailers and put them all in one place. Handy, right? Wrong. My first tip-off was that it looked like very few things had been purchased. It wasn't a huge registry, so I was surprised since they tend to fill up fast. I shrugged it off and clicked on the link to some wine glasses. Before I was redirected to the store's website, a box popped up with a big warning saying, "Please remember to come back to to mark your gift as purchased!" Um, what? No. Having to come back to the site just to check it off is extra work, but more importantly, it's super weird and highly likely that a less technologically adept person might not know what's going on/would forget to come back. I was worried that lots of things had, in fact, been purchased, but not marked as such! I was actually willing to roll my eyes over that and continue onward. But the kicker was that when you are redirected to the vendor site, none of the defaults (like shipping address/addressee) transfer over. I had to re-enter the address. But of course you can't just copy-paste the address. The vendor sites usually have specific boxes for Name, Street, City, etc. Again, super annoying, but not insurmountable. But then I realized that I would be unable to enter the names: Bride's Name, c/o Mr. and Mrs. GroomsParents because the only option on the site was "First name" and "Last name" boxes. Do I send it to Bride's Name at an address where she does not live? Do I put the Groom's mother's name and hope for the best? Do I enter Bride's Name in the "name" section, then add "c/o Groom's Parents" in the line provided for a longer street address? This was the point where I said, "Screw it" and wrote them a check for $50 rather than buying the $62.50 wine glasses. Moral of the story?, while it SEEMS cool, is a huge logistical nightmare. I would avoid it! ETA: There were paragraphs, I swear. I SWEAR. So sorry.
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