Affordable Waterfront Venues - Outside Caterers Allowed

Hi All, I'm looking for affordable wedding venues in Maryland, preferably waterfront that can accommodate 200-225 people. I'm finding that most of the venues we've looked at are the whole package type of place and it drives the cost way up to have to use their onsite catering and bar packages. I would love to find a venue that can accommodate a large group, but allows outside caterers and preferably where we could bring our own alcohol. I'd like to stay on the western shore of MD, but would also be open to Stevensville right over the Bay Bridge. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Re: Affordable Waterfront Venues - Outside Caterers Allowed

  • Did you happen to find anything? I am also looking for a venue on the water that allows an outside caterer.

  • Port Annapolis Marina
  • We're getting married at London Town in Edgewater. Our guest list is smaller, so I'm not sure what their max number is, but it might be able to accommodate you. They have a list of preferred vendors, but you can bring in vendors not on their list. We personally went with their top preferred caterer, Saucy Salamander, and the owner has been amazing so far. She helps with way more than just the food.
  • Annapolis Martime Museum - Londontown has a strict catering list and while not ridiculous you are still looking at close to 6K for a weekend.  The Martitime Museum allows anyone on their list but also any licensed caterer not on their list for an additional 150.00 flat fee.  Also right on the water
  • Sorry one more thing Maritime Museum allows outside alcohol.   I just saw what RSerey said Londontown allows caterers not on the list I heard from Shelby in Oct they do not allow this.  This is why we did not choose them.   So I would verify that.
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