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English Tea Reception - DIY or Cater?

If I cater, whom should I use, please? We are having a tiny wedding - 30 people total. We're still negotiating on our venue but both of them remind me of The Secret Garden. It will be English Tea inspired. I don't drink and the groom doesn't like champagne. We are shooting for a fairly casual and low cost event. My target budget is $10-15 per guest. I can hit that if I make scones, deviled eggs myself and have an assortment of sandwiches catered as well as our cupcakes. This also includes our flatware and getting both Martinelli's and Pellegrino from Costco. I'd have to do the setup myself. I want it to be cute. I fear falling into tacky and underestimating how much time I have the preceding week. What are your suggestions? I have only found one caterer in the Oakland Hills who is in spec for sandwiches only. Can you make any suggestions please? I am also looking to purchase gently used favors. This worries me because our colors are silver & black but I digress. What say you on catering?
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