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I wrote a song for my husband and sang it at our wedding!

Re: I wrote a song for my husband and sang it at our wedding!

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    I'm always suspicious when people post videos of their wedding and have pretty much zero posting history before.  Are you trying to increase hits to this video?  (I did not watch, FTR).

    That said, I don't thing wedding receptions are an appropriate forum for "performances".  It may be special for you and your partner, but for the guests, we're bored waiting for the party to get started.
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    This sort of post always makes me uncomfortable.
    I watched it, and yes, you have a lovely voice. 
    But I still don't care for wedding/ reception performances. 
    And the reason that both of the above make me uncomfortable (and I'm going to be honest here) is that they both come across as shameless AWing. 

    Why post this video to a forum of strangers? If it was before your wedding, and you were asking, hey, what do you guys think, should I sing this song I wrote, it would come across differently. 

    But this sort of post simply says, look at me. Look at how cute/talented/clever (or whatever) I am. Everyone admire me.

    People are just simply made uncomfortable by blatant attention seeking behavior. 

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    I didn't mean to offend--I've been on theknot for a year and used it to plan my wedding, just never really posted before.  I thought it was more an open forum to show wedding photos, ideas, videos, etc etc. Obviously, I was wrong. I took the post down so it won't upset anyone else.  
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    I don't think anyone has a problem with the fact that you posted a video of your wedding.  Other posters have done the same.

    I think that there are two things posters have problems with:

    1) You sang at your wedding.  Given that you were one of the principals whom everyone was there to "honor" anyway, it's felt that you grabbed more than your fair share of the spotlight when you did this.

    2) You "surprised" your husband with it.  Most of us wouldn't appreciate being "surprised," even in the most benign light, on our wedding day because it's a stressful time for us.  We want to make sure that our plans go off and we get what we paid for, and "surprises," even when they're meant for the best, throw us off.  It makes feel shaken up and unable to control our circumstances, and that makes us feel resentful rather than appreciative of the "surprise."
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       I think it depends on your audience, personally. Both my Fiance' and I dance and sing in musicals. If we sang a duet together, it would be like other couples first dances for us. If I sang to him, or he to me, we would both appreciate it. We are both trained singers. I also have many theater friends and in one of the weddings I was a bridesmaid in the bride and groom sang a duet as part of their ceremony. 

       The fact you wrote the song yourself is doubly impressive to me. I'd love it if my fi wrote and sang a song to me. We are also having only our immediate families so I know all our guest would be cool with it, so it would depend on your groom and your guests, I think. All of our guests would like it, if we were inviting extended families (or people on this board apparenlty) they might not. 
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