Chesapeake Bay/Eastern Shore Venues Question

I have seen some discussions on this topic already from a few years ago but wanted to reach out for opinions and suggestions again now that it's my turn to tie the knot :)  I am from the Northern VA area but fell in love with the Eastern Shore/Annapolis area and would love to get married there.  This past weekend my fiancé, mother, and I went to look at a couple of venues in the area.  We looked at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club and the Kent Manor Inn.  I absolutely LOVED Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, but the price is just a little too high and I would have to make sacrifices on everything else I wanted in the wedding.  Kent Manor Inn wasn't quite what I was looking for.

If anyone has any suggestions of places that I could look at next that is waterfront and can hold a wedding of around 175 guests for $20K or less, please let me know!  You can post here or email me at  I would greatly appreciate any help!! 

Re: Chesapeake Bay/Eastern Shore Venues Question

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    Not sure the exact prices but I would check out the Silver Swan. I've been to weddings there and the chesapeake bay beach club and both are equally beautiful, have reception and ceremony sites right on the Bay,... CBBC was on one of the good morning america/ today show programs a few years ago for best wedding venues in the US, so they can charge whatever they want and people will still book there.

    I'm in the middle of planning my own Eastern shore wedding (June 2015) and Michelina Scotto from Stargazer events has been amazing.

    Good luck!

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    Check out the Chesapeak Bay Foundation! its right on the water and you have to be member but memberships start at $25. all the money also goes to the foundation which supports the preservation of the bay.

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