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Father Daugher Song

I just wanted the opinion of others for this and quite frankly, strangers, as you'll be honest with me! :) I have a pretty OK relationship with my dad, we are close and under good terms, but we aren't sappy people in the least. We don't say "I love you" or the like that often, maybe like three or four times a year. The song I picked for the father daughter dance is "Be Still" by The Killers, because it reminds me of my dad talking to me as a child to be strong and carry on with what you love even if others do not agree with you. If you know the song, do you think it's an ok pick? Not too long, not too short, not too I don't know, weird? Be completely honest. Thanks in advance!

Re: Father Daugher Song

  • I think it's a great choice - for you and your dad. Make sure you tell him why you choose it. :-)
  • I really like it! Go with it. It succeeds on many levels. People who can't understand lyrics (my mom- she drove me nuts)  will enjoy the melody, and it is heartfelt.
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