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How was the weekend?  Ours was pretty tame.  Saturday we went to a kidfest in town.  They were doing these for free. I had to do it even if 6let does look like Alfred E Newman.

Sunday was yardwork and general play.  Last week we got an invite to a wedding and I told DH we're going so now I have to figure out what the cool kids wear today.


Re: Morning

  • Friday night: We got beer and Chinese food and played outside with the kids until late. 
    Saturday: FIL came over to help DH put in our garage door opener.  We went to the IL's for dinner. 
    Sunday:  Got the kiddo from the IL's (he spent the night with his cousins), went shopping for BTS and beds.  

    Easy-peasy weekend. We have inspection of the new house on Thursday afternoon.  :D  We really need to consider packing here soon. 
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    I did a lot of running around for DD1's birthday, doing my best to avoid the tax-free weekend mobs.  Presents and party stuff.

    Other than that, we didn't really do much.

    Tomorrow my mom, DH and I are taking our three kids and the other 5 grandkids to a waterpark.  Two 13yos, an 11, 9, two 4s, a 3 and a 2yo.

    ETA:  DH and I firmed up an anniversary trip.  We're going to drive to Pittsburgh to watch our team play the pirates.  We'll leave on Friday and come home Sunday.  This will be our first kid-free anniversary ever.  It only took 6 years.

  • Good:  DD passed her swim test!  On to level 4.

    Bad:  I am 99% sure I have oral thrush.  I'm seeing the doctor at 10:45, but it seems like a textbook case.  11+ months nursing DD and 10 and counting with DS, and I get it in the home stretch.  Ah, well, Dr. Google said the treatment is not too awful or anything, but having it still creeps me out.  And I had to reschedule tomorrow's dentist appt.  And when I told DH last night, he looked mildly horrified, and said "After I kissed you last night?"  (We had teh sexy times after we got the kids to bed.)

    Good:  Leaving for the beach Friday!

  • I'm sending off e-mails to daycare centers in our new area to see about pricing and wait lists.  This is giving me fits.  Why can't our sitter just come with us?   :) 

    Also, he's done SO WELL with pt-ing.  However, he's fascinated with watching the whole process that he rolls his hips back and pee goes everywhere.  I've been peed on more times in the last week than I ever was when he was an infant. 

  • Cleaning and organizing my house, which felt marvelous.  I have all of the group stuffs together and ready to be handed off.  I was really amazed to see how much work I had done all in one (well, really about 3) piles last night.  They're going to miss me.  ;)

    Canning extravaganza Sunday, which is turning into a much larger project than anticipated.  I didn't really read the recipes too close (okay at all) and I apparently picked a few that have "stages" to them.  It's not that big of a deal and it's a fun experiment, but still, I really should've read them.  Realistically if I had, I wouldn't have even attempted them, so I guess it's six of one, half a dozen of another.
  • However, he's fascinated with watching the whole process that he rolls his hips back and pee goes everywhere.  I've been peed on more times in the last week than I ever was when he was an infant. 

    I am not looking forward to this.  Boys are so different!  I still can;t believe when he yanks/squeezes his baby junk when I change him, I'm like "Doesn't that hurt?  It looks like it would hurt."
  • Saturday we went to visit brother & SIL at the campground and then headed to a festival.  We had a good visit.  

    Yesterday, DH got called in to work so I did church and a little shopping at Kohls and grocery store.  Got home and did some laundry.  I have a colonoscopy/upper endoscopy on Tuesday so made jello and got the clear liquids lined up for today.  Let the fun begin! 
  • Saturday we did some last minute back-to-school shopping (all white sneakers under $30 are very hard to find).

    Yesterday our 6 year old Kuerig coffee-maker FINALLY bit the dust, so we got to replace it with a fancier version.  Woohoo!  I was starting to think I might have to sabotage it because I've wanted to upgrade for a couple of years now...  
    We spent some time yesterday getting everything together for the first day of school - - putting her name on stuff, packing her bag, packing her lunch, laying her clothes out.  
    And then this morning, off she went.  :)
  • Heffalump said:
    However, he's fascinated with watching the whole process that he rolls his hips back and pee goes everywhere.  I've been peed on more times in the last week than I ever was when he was an infant. 

    I am not looking forward to this.  Boys are so different!  I still can;t believe when he yanks/squeezes his baby junk when I change him, I'm like "Doesn't that hurt?  It looks like it would hurt."
    Now that he's in undies, there's a whole new level of fascination with his junk.  He randomly grabs it/plays with it through his pants because he's 'free'.  Also, I'm constantly having to point it down for him.   He only does it himself about half the time...the rest I'm either reminding him or doing it myself. 
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    Husband and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday and it was THE BEST.

    Saturday, we really did nothing. Husband cleaned the whole house (bless him) and I cooked some before crashing at 8:30 and sleeping for twelve hours.

    We told both sets of parents about spawn yesterday and they were all stupid excited. My mom has already started cooking all the food for me because she knows what I like and she said she'll come to any appointments she wants me to come to because husband's kinda eh about going to the doctor even when it's not him being examined. My father-in-law went home and immediately started looking at baby furniture on the Internet because he wants to make every. piece. of. furniture. in the entire nursery. He's most excited about the co-sleeper/bassinet that I want because he'd never heard of such a thing before.

    Today's my day off, so I'm getting my brows threaded, a mani/pedi, a massage and some Indian food before going to pole dancing at 6:15.

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    @Heffalump- M2 has peed on me and the floor far more than 6let has. 
  • @6fsn - it's clear from the pictures the Megan got your H's smile. 

    our weekend was pretty uneventful. DK and I enjoyed our date on Friday (Greek food, Planet of the Apes) .Wolverine went to a birthday party on Saturday, and we got a bunch of chores done, yesterday. 

    Wolverine kissed one of the little boys at the party on Saturday at the urging of his mom - I was teasing the kid that DK had his eye on him - no funny business with our daughter. (He didn't seem to mind the kiss - she got a big hug. The mom is one of my friends and Wolverine and her son are in the same class at preschool. Ever since she moved into that class, all we've heard about is how she and this boy played together each day. His mom said all he ever talks about at home is playing with Wolverine at school.)

    @tawillers - first trip to Pittsburgh? How long is the drive? Let me know if you need any recommendations!
  • Saturday was a tea party for oldest GD, it was really cute and went well.  Sat. night we ate out for 3 famly birthdays and then I braved the mall on tax free weekend.  Youngest DD needed business clothes for a new job and a class she has in college.  Sunday I did nothing but church. My house hasn't really been cleaned in way to long, but I just keep putting it off...
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    on the topic of pee...
    Buffy can hold her pee for 24+ hours at a time, which is a problem w/ potty training.  She stayed w/ hr aunty part of the weekend and told aunty that it hurt when she went.
    Then, came home around noon, refused to go, and said it would hurt.  She proceeded to insist it would hurt and not go until this morning, when we were at the ped's office (because not being able to pee is a problem, so I took the AM off work to go deal w/ painful pee/non-pee)

    At that point, it was 24 hours since her last pee (she woke up dry) and on nurse's orders, she peed (and was super excited that we caught it in the cup)--mostly all over me as I attempted to catch said pee.

    She's fine.  No idea.  She doesn't have a UTI and no irritation, no fever, nothing.  So she's off to daycare, and I washed myself off and came into work now.

    The rest of the weekend, I did kid free stuff--went shopping w/o her while she was at the fair with grandpa, watched mindless TV while she went swimming w/ her aunt, etc.
    Although, how the hell is it AUGUST?
    (and my child changes classrooms and moves up to the 4 year old room in sept, woohoo)
  • It's been a whirlwind

    Been in NM to visit my folks and DH had some music of his premiered. Damn, I miss NM. Got to tool around Santa Fe, zoo, ate way too much Mexican food, went to a pueblo's Feast Day, ate way too much, saw ceremonial dancers (~200), went to BFE for DH's premiere and meet wit the musicians, was really good, the venue spot-on for chamber music.

    As an aside, one of my coworkers has had unspecified health diagnosis this past Sat...AML (leukemia)...chemo starting today for a substantial hospital stay :(

    And ALLERGIES 8-/
    imageAlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers
  • @GBCK, I don't even want to think about trying to catch kid-pee in a cup.  I had a hard enough time with my own when I was KU. 
  • @*Barbie* - Yes, first trip!  It's just short of 10 hours total but we're breaking it up.  We're spending the night in Cleveland Friday night so we can get to Pittsburgh pretty early on Saturday.

    We aren't sure about exactly what we're going to do all day.  The zoo is an option, I guess.  I'm leaning more toward exploring downtown touristy things but I'm not even sure what that would be.  We can't check into our hotel until 4 (staying near PNC) and the game starts at 7:10.

    There's some kind of street fair type thing going on that day on one of the streets by PNC, I think.  What should we do?

  • @tawillers - we went to Pittsburgh one time to see the Tigers play.  We stayed at a nice hotel downtown, in walking distance to the park.  It ended up being the same hotel where the Tigers were staying.  We came back to the hotel after the game, and got to see all the players come in through the lobby.  People were taking pictures, getting autographs...  It was really cool.  
    (It was the Westin, but I don't know if the players still stay there.  I think DH mentioned something about that information being in the team's media guide.)
  • @auntflo - that would be so cool!  A quick google search shows our team staying at the Westin in Pittsburgh as well.  We're in the Grand Wyndham Downtown, just a short walk a cross the bridge.

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    @tawillers - - assuming you'll be taking I-70 to Pittsburgh, you'll be passing right through Columbus, you know.  :)

    EDIT: I just read that you're staying in Cleveland.  BOOOOOOO!!!!!  
  • @tawillers - the zoo is really nice, but it will take a good part of the day to see everything. It's also going to be about a 45 minute drive from the stadiums, depending on traffic.

    If you like birds, the National Aviary is on the North Side, fairly near the stadiums, and will take about 1.5-2 hours to see everything. A little longer if you go to one of the optional shows.

    Rivers Casino is within walking distance of PNC, and is pretty nice. (It's only 3-4 years old.) I've never eaten there, but I've heard they have a good buffet.

    If you're looking for a unique touristy thing to do, within easy distance of the city/stadiums, go to Station Square and ride the Monongahela incline up to the top of Mount Washington. Go for a walk - it's not far - to the observation decks for an amazing view of the city. I believe there's water taxi service from station square to the stadiums. You could also ride the T (trolley - underground and above-ground train system) to/from the city. There's lot of shops and restaurants in Station Square, but it's been a while since I visited. They've added a lot to that area in the last 10-15 years. you used to be able to take a duck tour or a horse-drawn carriage tour from Station Square, so that would be something else to consider.

    If you're into museums, there's the Carnegie Museums (Art and Natural History) in Oakland. You could also check out Phipps Conservatory if you go to Oakland - beautiful gardens (indoors and out) with special exhibits like butterflies, Chihuly glass sculptures, a mini railroad, etc. Pitt students got free admission to Phipps and the Carnegie museums, so I used to go to both a couple of times each month when I was in school.

    This is a MUST - eat at Primanti Bros. I believe there's one in PNC park, that you can access from outside before the game. It's been a good 12+ years since I've been to a Pirates game at PNC, so i'm a little fuzzy on the location. I believe they also have a limited menu Primant Bros. concession stand in the stadium.
  • Primanti Bros - noted.  I'll plan for us to stop there earlier in the day.  We're actually excited about eating overpriced ball park food at the game.  We usually don't eat at the ball park when we've got the kids with us.

    I was looking at things to do and DH nixed the aviary, incline and water taxi.  He hates birds, heights and being on the water.  He'll do a lot of things on vacations and isn't usually so picky, but he just hates those things.

    I was worried about the zoo being an all-day thing.  And as much as I love zoos, it's not really the same without the kids anymore.  I was hoping we could find something else.

    Personally, a horse-drawn carriage ride and the museum sound fun to me.  I really wish we had more time do more things, especially since we know we won't be back for quite a while.

  • I personally like the Andy Warhol museum and it's close to the stadiums, IIRC.
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    DH and I had a good time at the science museum.
  • I've never been to the Andy Warhol Museum - he never appealed to me - but yes, that is near the stadiums. 

    The Carnegie Science Center (also near the stadiums) is very cool. UPMC Sportsworks (which I think is included with Science Center admission) was also a lot of fun, although I haven't been there since I was in college.

    Don't discount the incline because of heights! It's running on a railroad track up the side of the hill. You're connected to the ground for the full ride. That's one my my favorite "Pittsburgh" things to do - if you're ever there in November, the Thursday before Thanksgiving is "Light Up Night" - the kickoff for the holiday season. All of the shops in the city stay open late, and they keep the buildings lit up. They have a fireworks show over the point, and the absolute best place to watch is from the observation decks on mount washington - breathtaking view. 

    For the game itself - enjoy the pierogie races. Are they having fireworks for the game that you're going to? PNC has an awesome view of the city, and Zambelli always puts on a great fireworks show. 
  • another option if you go to Oakland for the museums is to visit the Cathedral of Learning on Pitt's campus, and tour the nationality rooms.

    They actually hold classes in some of the rooms during fall and spring sessions, but since you're going to be there on a Saturday, you'd probably be fine. 

    If you're into architecture - just visiting the Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel would be enjoyable. Both of the buildings are very cool. The chapel might be busy with weddings (they book a year in advance) - but it's beautiful if you get to go inside. The stained glass windows are interesting in that they're not religious, but they feature famous historical figures. One of my friends got married there 2 years ago. 
    Cathedral of Learning "commons room": http:// image
    Heinz Chapel:image
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    Another very good restaurant if you're into microbreweries, is The Church Brew Works, which is fairly close to the stadiums. (~15 minute drive). Old church converted into a microbrewery and restaurant, while maintaining a lot of the features of the church. They have the fermentation tanks up on the altar, so religious people may take offense to that.

    ETA: get the pierogies or the pierogi pizza (with bacon and a side of sour cream)


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    The Church Brew Works is good.  I ate there the trip I was staying at the Priory (an old monastery)
  • Thank you for all the info Barbie!  I didn't want you to think I ignored all of this - we were gone all day yesterday.

  • @tawiller - not a problem. Is it obvious that I love Pittsburgh? I can't wait to go back. (Less than 2 weeks!) Enjoy your trip! 
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