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South Carolina

Rustic Barn Venue in Near Aiken/Columbia/Augusta

Hey Everyone!

I want to have a rustic chic themed wedding. I'm looking to have it October 2015. I'm looking for a rustic (well maintained) barn venue. I really like Perry's Landing Barn Venue (oppose to their garden venue) in Hepzibah GA but it is on the far end of how far from where I live in Aiken, SC. It's not far to me (about an hour) but I'm worried local Aiken friends will not want to make the drive because most have horses and pets that would complicate having them drive any sort of real distance. All other guests would be flying in, but the majority of guests are located in and close to Aiken. Also, Perry's Landing's actual barn is on the small size for the size wedding I'm looking to have (200 people maybe more) and even though they assure us they've done a 350 person wedding my family would feel more comfortable if we went with PL Barn to also rent a tent.


My question is if anyone knows of any other rustic barn venues around Aiken/Columbia/Augusta area. It does not have to be all inclusive or even include anything but the actual structure (although if the outer area were decorated with Christmas lights and mason jars in trees sort of thing that would be a bonus).


Any suggestions (that you know would actually be willing to host a wedding at their location) are welcome!

Re: Rustic Barn Venue in Near Aiken/Columbia/Augusta

  • Have you heard of The Sanderlin Horse Barn in Appling GA? It is beautiful and has the same look that you are going for! It can accommodate all the guests you are planning on inviting as well as provide multiple areas for ceremony, reception and has a nice space for bride and grooms to get ready in!
    I am a wedding photographer and recently shot some photos there:

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