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Hawaii honeymoon

We are looking to honeymoon out in Hawaii in October 2015. We are looking to be out there for 10 days since it's such a long flight out there since we live in New York. We are hoping to find an all inclusive hotel and experience as much as possible while out there. I'm looking to see if anyone has suggestions on hotels or resorts or any recommendations in general!!

Re: Hawaii honeymoon

  • We are getting married in HI and when I was looking at places I didn't come across a single all inclusive.  I don't think that they are very common in Hawaii ( I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong ).
    Are you looking to stay on one island or hop around?
  • Not quite sure. If we don't stay on one island I think we would only do two tops. Only so that we don't feel like we are traveling the whole time but can use our time doing some fun things!! We live in NY so it's an extremely long flight already and is basically a day to get there a day to get home... But we're open
  • I don't believe there are any all-inclusives in Hawaii at all - with the price of goods there is just wouldn't make sense. In fact - you barely find all-inclusive resorts in the U.S. at all and some of the ones that claim to be all inclusive still charge for alcohol, activities or other fees. We just recently did a delayed honeymoon at stayed on Kauai and Maui. Both were amazing and completely different. It really depends on what you guys were looking to do in Hawaii. The cheapest way to do Hawaii is to get a condo and then stop at Costco on your way from the airport and pick up all the essentials. We didn't plan far enough in advance for this so if you are thinking of Kauai or Maui I can share the hotels we did use.
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