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Hi ladies!  We've been a bit tardy in selecting our ceremony music for our (late) October wedding.  We booked our DJ at the end of last year but didn't include the ceremony time because my dream would be to have a string group and I thought I could research it a little later.  Somehow, with other life activities going on, we are just now figuring this out and are hoping to decide this week or next.  

I'm wondering if there are options out there that I'm not considering.  We've gotten quotes from a few string groups, but I'm not sure we want to spend $600-900 for this at the stage where there are very few costs left in my control.  I've emailed our DJ to see what the cost would be to add an hour to his contract & if he would charge us to set up a second station.  The only other option that has occurred to me is DIY with a phone and iHome or something of that nature, but our ceremony is outdoors for approx. 150 people and I'm not too keen on that idea anyway.  

What did you do for your ceremony music?  Were you happy with your choice?  If you happened to use a string group, can a duo be heard with 150 guests outdoors or is a trio/quartet needed?

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    Outdoors with 150 people may be ok, depending on your location.  

    One good thing about a sound company (or DJ ) is they could also provide microphone(s) so your ceremony and vows could be heard.  

    If your ceremony is in a different location as your reception, it would be perfectly reasonable for your DJ to charge you time and a second sound system.  That still might be your best bet because it's a vendor you already know, mics also, and virtually unlimited choices for prelude, processional and recessional.

    Other options for music would include a guitarist (pretty for outside, light and trendy right now),or guitar duo, or a harpist.  Some of these options might have their own amplification.  

    You could try calling a live music booking agency or company, and either state your budget - or simply ask for lowest to highest options.    They can give you some different scenarios. 

    I'm not sure that a DIY option would produce the results you want?  (Sound quality, choices, someone managing it, speakers, set up & tear down ... etc....)

    You still have time, so don't fret ... and good luck!
  • We used our DJ.  I knew I wanted certain songs played so did not care for live music at the ceremony.  We considered a band for the reception in addition to the DJ, but ultimately went DJ only due to the extra cost.

    Our ceremony was at the same venue as our reception (outdoor ceremony, indoor reception) so we were fortunate enough they he did not charge us "extra" for he was planning on having two sound systems available regardless. He had the ceremony and cocktail area set up before the wedding, and then moved the ceremony set up to the reception area. 

    Ultimately it is your call.  I bet if your DJ charged you more, it would still be less than live music.  so it really comes down to your budget and what you are willing to spend.  Our ceremony wa s15 minutes long so I just knew I did not want to spend and extra $300 for something was going to be over so quickly.

  • We decided to go with the DJ... 1/3 of the cost of live musicians, and they can simply play the instrumental songs that we want!  I consider this a budget win, haha.
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