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Hey Everyone! Just a little intro

Hey guys!

My FI and I just got engaged on the 4th of July and have chosen 10/03/15 as our date. Originally we planned on going away just the two of us this October, but once FMIL realized how serious we were she quickly shot it down!

We've known each other for over 7 years and stopped making excuses as to why we couldn't date early in 2012 after a bad car accident I was in. I'm 29 and brought my son to our relationship (currently 4 years old) and we just welcomed our baby girl into the world in March. Our timeline may seem wonky to some, but I don't think either of us would ever change it.

Our ceremony and reception are at the same location at a hotel. The ceremony will be held outdoors and the reception in a heated tent. Fingers crossed New England will give me a warm weekend. So far the only thing booked is our venue, but I am hoping to wrap up the photographer this week. As for my "theme" I keep telling people that it will be sophisticated romance with a hint of sexy country...whatever the hell that means! It works though :) we will be doing blush, neutrals, and pale gold and rose gold. I'm just hoping my vision plays out well.

Happy planning!

Re: Hey Everyone! Just a little intro

  • We are date twins - and I am also from MA!  Also crossing my fingers for great New England weather that weekend as our ceremony is outdoors :)  Love your story and your color scheme is beautiful.  Happy planning!

  • oh awesome :) What venue are you using?
  • I'm 10/3/15 too! On Long Island! Hoping for beautiful weather on the east coast that weekend!
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  • We are using the Arlington Town Hall... sounds odd, but it's actually a really beautiful building with a really large room for receptions (we are expecting around 180). We are having the ceremony outdoors in their garden. Where is yours??

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