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How much is too much to ask bridesmaids to pay?


Re: How much is too much to ask bridesmaids to pay?

  • LondonLisaLondonLisa London, UK member
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    Is there any way you can subsidise these dresses, even if you split it with them? Personally, I would be livid if I had to spend $300 on an orange dress!

    I'm glad you are buying their shoes and jewellery. It might be easier to cut out shoes, tell them a neutral colour and let them wear what they already own  (ie nude, black, metallic) and direct that money towards subsidising their dress. 

    As for jewellery, just let them accessorise with what they already own. There is $84 off each of their dresses, already!
  • Fran1985 Fran1985 Narnia member
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    300 is way too much for a bridesmaid dress, no matter the budget. I think 150 is the absolute max, even if the bridal party can technically afford more. Some of my bridesmaids are working at big law firms making a ton of money, and I still would never ask them to get a 300 dress.

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