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Wedding out of Town

Hi Everyone,

I am concern whether some of my guest won’t be able to attent the wedding because it might be to far.

We are thinking of getting married in Cape Town and we live in Pretoria, i have always wanted a beach wedding.

We have done some calculations of the cost. The flight tickets will be R1600 pp return flights if they book through us then we get discount.

And the accomodation at the resort is R350 pp for the night, so we are looking at R1950 per person for the stay and the travel.

Is that to much to ask?

I see it as a weekend away for very cheap!!!*

We also want to send out the date a year before, so for those who needs to save up can save R160 a month.

We hav a alternative:

So we have decided to hire a bus. which means bus starts driving at 19:00 on thursday and arrives at the hotel at 10:00 on the friday, with a lovely friday to relax on the beach and recover from the drive, the wedding starts at 15:00 the saturday and the bus leaves for pretoria at 15:00 the sunday. With 3 meals per day and 2 nights stay for R1200per persons.

Will you pay R1200 for transport, 3 meals a day and 2 nights stay at the resort, with the only drawback that you need to put in 2 days leave, for friday and monday.

Please help me decide which alternative will be the best?


Re: Wedding out of Town

  • Like any destination wedding, the decline rate will likely be high no matter the dates or price. Unfortunately, that's just how it tends to go. I suggest discussing this with the people who you absolutely want there and making sure they can afford it. If not, then you will need to choose what is more important: the location or whether your guests can attend.
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  • I agree with msuprincess04.  There will likely be higher decline rate than wedding at home. But, as long as your VIP's are there, you should have an awesome wedding.  Run the plan by your must attend guests and go with their preference.  Everyone else will either come or not come. Some people have had 100% attendance at destination weddings also, so it really depends on your crowd.

    We got married on a cruise ship before it left port for the cruise. We had looked at a couple different cruise itineraries and departing ports that could work.  We narrowed it down to 2 options, then discussed the choices with our parents & siblings (our must attend VIP's) to figure out which one worked best for them.  Luckily, they all chose the one we really wanted, even though it was higher cost. The wedding was about 1,000 miles away for most of our guests. Besides our VIP's, we only had about 10 people (about 20% of invited) attend the wedding.  Which was fine with us because we wanted a small wedding and our VIP's were there, so that was all that mattered.


  • DH and I are planning to get married in Wisconsin Dells, WI which is about 4 hours from us.  We are leaving the invitations open.  We are inviting about 150 friends and family.  We agree that if none of them show up we really don't care.  The only people we require to be there are our girls.  It will be the weekend of July 4th 2015 so we are telling people that it would make a nice mini vacation if they are up for it but we are not paying for anything for them except dinner at our "reception".  With so many lodging options in so many price ranges it would be too hard for us to reserve something somewhere and not everyone can afford the same things.  Since we are planning to have a 2 week family vacation at the same time DH and I are staying in a resort for our "honeymoon" for three nights and spending the rest of the time camping with out girls.
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