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Seating Chart?

I'm looking for a DIY seating chart. I want to just use a simple site/template and then get it blown up at Staples on a big piece of card stock. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get seating chart templates? My wedding is in less than two weeks!

Re: Seating Chart?

  • I made my seating chart by hand on a giant science fair board. The venue sent us a sample layout of our reception area with the amount of tables we requested and we drew it all on the board with sharpies (pencil first and then sharpies). We then used post-its to write guests names and then could move them around the board as we needed.

    It felt too complicated using any websites or anything. So if you have a fairly small wedding (we are looking at about 90ish), that might be a simple, inexpensive option.

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  • For my friend's wedding, I found a picture of a seating chart I liked and used InDesign to copy it (I could have done so just as easily on Microsoft Word). She loved it, and the whole thing took me about 15 minutes. 
  • Our venue provided us with a template for how the tables would be set up based on how many tables we would need.

  • If this is just for your guests, consider making a pretty list.  Table 1--names, Table 2--names, etc.  It will look nicer than a map.

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    The picture just above is what I did. I took scrapbooking paper and glued it to a big square piece of cardboard then on a separate color paper I made squares listing tables numbers and guests at that table.



  • Woops - I think I misread the OP. My science fair board idea was for a DIY seating chart for you to use while deciding where to sit everyone. LOL.

    For the actual wedding, we are actually double-purposing our wedding favors. One of our favors are goblet-shaped candy holders that have this pretty tag attached to the top. We are putting each person's name and table number on those tags.

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    No chart for us.

    We used 5*5 inch photos of NYC with a number on them. The place cards had names, table numbers, and the matching photo on them. The tables were in sequential order. Nobody had a hard time finding their seats.
  • We got our chart from the venue.  For the guests they will have cards with name and table on them and we will have a chart as well since numerically it will be hard to be sequential so we gave the tables names instead of numbers. (Plus I didn't want to hear how this one was at table 5 and they should have been higher up or something LOL)

    For making the table assignments-  I did an Excel spreadsheet and used the SumIf function to keep track of how many I had at each table.  Then I used a filter if I wanted to see just one table. Worked really well.  I changed the table name and it kept my tables mostly even. 
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