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Indoor winter wedding venues- on a budget

I need some help fellow Minnesotans!

I am planning a wedding for January 2 (ideally) for under $10,000 total (venue, food, photographer, flowers, etc).  I am stuck on the venue.  I have contacted several places and have heard back from some but they are all very VERY expensive.  I need some suggestions on places.  Ideally we would have the ceremony and the reception at the same place to ease the need for guests to drive around Minneapolis/St Paul in January (we all know that can be difficult).  I would like it to be classic and elegant, but I'm also willing to put in some hard DIY hours to make that happen.

Suggestions?? I would be eternally grateful!!


Re: Indoor winter wedding venues- on a budget

  • Chanhassen Dinner Theatre has an all-inclusive option at $7250 so it leaves some room for you to get some other things but it could make it tight. http://www.chanhassentheatres.com/weddings_and_events_packages.aspx 

    Profile Event Center has a decent minimum for January and it's even better on a Friday or Sunday.  They have many services available as well including DJ, florist, catering, decorations and more that can be put towards your food and beverage minimum.  Saturday's minimum in January is $5950 with Friday's being $2750 and Sunday's being $2950 (for the Diamond hall)...Not sure if you're meaning January 2, 2015 or 2016. http://www.profileeventcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/documents/Profile_Event_Center_Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf 

    Alternatively, Eagan Community Center has a gorgeous space available.  Saturday's in January is about $1190 (prices may change). A Friday wedding in January is 850 for the space which is a 3 sectioned room.  They do have 3 caterers to choose from but only 1 beverage company.  We're having our wedding reception (possibly ceremony) there next October and my ideal budget is 10k. http://www.cityofeagan.com/images/CommunityCenter/Rentals_2013.pdf 

    Many VFWs, golf clubs, American Legions and community centers have spaces for wedding that tend to be more cost effective.  It'll take some shopping around but it's so worth it!!  Good luck!!!
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    A lot REALLY depends on how many guests you're wanting! $10,000 and 20 guests is a way different recommendation than $10,000 and 400 guests KWIM.. Also what part of the cities would you prefer? Typically the nicer the venue the steeper the price tag. The J.J. Hill Library is a good one-stop place with hotel/ceremony/reception site along with the River Center w/n walking distance for an idea. Afton House Inn, Lake Elmo Inn, Hudson House Grand Hotel, Emerald Greens Golf Course, Little Log House Pioneer Village Finally - having worked at my wedding with the occasional stop to, you know, say vows, grace, and first dance... let me say - DO NOT WORK AT YOUR WEDDING! DIY does NOT equal cheaper! The value of your time and the enjoyment of your wedding day is something you really need to consider. I spent so much time being paranoid about going "over budget" that I didn't get to enjoy the moment and there are so many things that I should have just hired out considering what I spent to DIY...
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