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My Sister and I Will Dance... Suggestions?

So my father passed when I was 18 and my mother when I was 21.  Now at 29, I've raised my sister who I raised as she was 13 when my mom died is going to walk me down the aisle.  She and I are also going to do a dance in place of the father/daughter dance.  We practically raised each other, and she and I dance together often at parties and other weddings, etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions for what song we should dance to?

Re: My Sister and I Will Dance... Suggestions?

  • Does it have to be slow?  This one is more of a midtempo, and would be perfect for you and your sis!
    Carole King duet with her daughter Louise Goffin  - Where You Lead I will Follow
  • I had my father daughter dance with my twin sister.  We did The Carlton and Tonto Jump on it (Fresh Prince of Bel Air.)  I have issues with my father, but also, playing a fun song won't make you think of anything else, but having fun with your best friend.
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