Hair/Makeup in Milwaukee?

Hi Ladies,

I have my ceremony in downtown Milwaukee.  I had heard good things about Moda, but can't get a hold of the coordinator to book anything so I'm throwing in the towel.  What do you recommend for downtown/Third Ward?  I had my hair done out in Brookfield for a wedding at Vici Capelli (totally spelled wrong) and am considering going out there because I'm clueless.  I don't want to just pick a place based on websites or anythig like that.  Can you tell me the places you've had good experiences, particularily with hair?


Re: Hair/Makeup in Milwaukee?

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    my personal stylist is elif @ zen the salon in shorewood. she has been doing my hair and is AMAZING. her prices are competative, and she is great. I am sure any of her staff are just as great (she recently opened her own salon, zen).
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    I'm having my hair done at Illustria Salon and Academy on 1st Street in Walkers Point.  http://www.illustriasalon.com/
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    I am going to Roots Salon in Greendale, but I know they just opened another location, in the 3rd ward as well as their other location in Brookfield.  www.myrootssalon.com
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    I'm quite a few months out, but I'll be getting my hair and makeup done at Stella's in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee. http://www.stellas5050.com/
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    I had my hair and makeup done in downtown Milwaukee for my June 2011 wedding. I am new to the Milwaukee area and these places were recommended by my sister in law.

    Both places were professional and did a great job!

    Hair - Erik of Norway on Milwaukee Ave
    Makeup - Blush in Third Ward 249 N Water (Katie)

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    Beauty is near the 3rd ward. Or the Aveda Institute. : ) They both do beautiful work. The Institute is cheaper. Beauty is a GREAT little salon. Two locations,on in 3rd ward and one on Brady. I highly recommend both. 
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    I highly recommend Freya Salon for hair (just a little south of the Third Ward in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee).
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    I have to second Freya! They are the best!
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    I didn't end up getting mine done at Beauty because I got a deal through a friend of a friend, but the wedding hair coordinator was so nice and responsive and if I hadn't had a friend, I would've definitely used them.  I would avoid GLOW Salon at ALL COSTS - I had my nails done there and they broke twice before my wedding.  I got them done on a Thursday, one nail was lifting and broken by Thursday night, and the other broke the morning of my wedding.  The manager is completely clueless and less than helpful.
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