Wedding Shows/Expos - Do you go?

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Hello, Are there wedding shows/expos/trunks that you recommend? Is it worth it to go? Have you found it valuable? Thanks!

Re: Wedding Shows/Expos - Do you go?

  • I think I went to two bridal shows/expos and never used a single vendor from one of the shows. In my opinion, they are useless for practically purposes. Go for the experience, but heed this advice: give them fake contact info. They will give your contact information to all of the vendors, and it's a real PITA to get them to stop emailing and calling.
  • It's fun to go because it's such a "bridal" experience. I actually really enjoyed the fashion show for the one I went to, even though I knew already what I wanted to get. 

    Go to one that is most local for you or where you plan to get married, otherwise it's a waste of time. I didn't realize location would matter and went to one in the suburbs even though we're having a city wedding.  I didn't use a single vendor because of that. 

    Create a whole new e-mail address for wedding stuff and just give that to vendors. 

  • Thanks so much for the advice. 
  • What if you live in the Chicago suburbs but the wedding will be in a whole different state altogether? Would it even be worth going to one? TIA!
  • Only the experience, really. There isn't a lot of time to talk to vendors and if you aren't looking to bring your vendors to the other state, is there much of a point other than a swag bag and trying some cake samples?
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