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Hire my friends band?

So I am a professional jazz trombonist and I would like to have a jazz band at our wedding. Is it a bad idea to hire my friends to play at our wedding? And instead making a speech could I play a song for my fiancé? 

Re: Hire my friends band?

  • Good idea to hire your friends band, and good idea to play a song for your spouse!  

  • Good and bad idea--good idea that you know what they're capable of, if they'll be on time, if they're reliable. Bad idea--will you have a contract? What if they don't show, don't play as long as you agree upon, etc.? Best advice: get a contract even if they're your friends. It will make all the terms clearer and it will help if something goes wrong. Be clear about the compensation up front and document it. Checks are traceable if someone says they weren't is not.
  • As a composer & music school grad, this is fantastic idea.  And - since you mentioned they are friends - if they say they'll do it pro bono, pay them anyway.  Feed them and give them money.  
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